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Woman beaten by city police in Milan. Sources Nova: she threatened children and parents outside a school

Mayor Sala: "A serious matter, I await the report to make decisions"


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A video shows two policemen hitting a woman with a baton during an arrest in the Bocconi university area in Milan. “It is certainly not a beautiful image, indeed it is a serious fact. However, in order to formally intervene, it is necessary for the local police to make a report, pending this report, the policemen in question have been placed in internal services", said the mayor of Milan, Giuseppe Sala.

"Two things can then be done: take measures such as suspension or even get to make a complaint, something not excluded, on our part to the judicial authority", he concluded.

According to what Nova learned, the video that went viral constitutes the final part of an intervention conducted by the policemen against a 41-year-old Brazilian transsexual, with countless precedents for resistance and violence against a public official. This morning at 8:15, near the Trotter Park, in front of the "Casa del sole" elementary school in via Giacosa, the trans woman, in an evident state of psychophysical alteration, exhibited her nakedness and threatened passers-by, including children and parents, to pass on AIDS to them. After being reported by the same parents to the agents, the 41-year-old, without a residence permit, was made to get on the wheel to be taken to the central arrest and detention office in via Custodi, when they arrived in via Castelbarco, she would have started to give warheads to the car and feigning illness. At that point, the officers would have taken her outside to provide assistance, but the trans would have violently kicked an officer to escape on foot to the point where she was stopped. The policemen would therefore have found themselves forced to use the spacer and the spray to appease her and take her away, and to react by hitting the subject with a kick in the sternum and with another in the lower limbs. The transsexual was reported on the loose for resisting a public official.

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