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tarek el molla oil minister egypt

Egypt: by 2040, hydrogen production will reach 18 billion in value per year

This was stated by the Minister of Petroleum, Tarek el Molla, adding that by that date the country should produce 8 percent of the world's hydrogen

China: the world's first fourth generation nuclear power plant in operation in Shandong

The plant is equipped with a very high temperature fission reactor (Vhtr)

Energy, Pichetto: “The construction of new nuclear power plants is not planned”

“I don't think it's conceivable to embark on 15 years of construction"

Bulgaria: Russian oil company Lukoil is considering selling all its assets

The choice was made due to the "significant change in the operating conditions of businesses in that country"

Belgium concludes agreement to extend the life of two nuclear reactors

The agreement was reached with the French energy group Engie

Urso announces: “Forward with nuclear fusion”

"Italy is behind, but Italian companies are ahead. In recent years they have continued to develop the nuclear sector where they could do so"

Thailand: The government intends to electrify public transport by the end of the decade

The Transport Minister also announced a pilot project to replace all cars of the luxury taxi service owned by Thailand's state-owned airport management company

Cop28: a Memorandum of Understanding signed between Italy and Ukraine on the subject of energy transition

The pact was signed in Dubai between Deputy Minister of Environment and Energy Security Vannia Gava and her Ukrainian counterpart, Svetlana Grinchuk

Eni joins the Cop28 platform to accelerate decarbonisation

The initiative has three objectives: to achieve zero net scope 1 and 2 emissions by 2050, to achieve the objective of zero methane emissions in the upstream area by 2030 and to eliminate gas flaring from its ordinary activities by 2030.

Latest news

Russian and Belarusian athletes will be able to participate in the Paris Olympics under a neutral flag

The organization explained that so far only eight Russian citizens and three Belarusian citizens have been selected

Pnrr: Ecofin definitively approves the Italian plan and that of 12 other member states

Italy's revised plan focuses heavily on the green transition

Egypt: presidential elections from Sunday, towards the reconfirmation of Al Sisi and austerity measures

Around 65 million Egyptians will vote in the presidential elections from Sunday 10 December to 12 December. There are four candidates in the running...

Tajani in Fabriano to act as godfather at the baptism of a Nigerian girl – video

“It all started on the occasion of a visit to the center by Don Aldo, who wanted me to get to know this reality with my wife"

Other news

NATO, Erdogan warns the USA: "They must do their part in Sweden's accession"

Turkey wants to buy the latest model of F-16 aircraft from the United States

Argentina: the nephew of former president Menem is the new president of the Chamber

Martin is the son of Eduardo, senator for twenty years and brother of the former president

Ukraine has lost around 1.560 soldiers in the Donetsk region over the past week

This is what the Russian Defense Ministry reported
giancarlo giorgetti

Stability Pact, Giorgetti: Better a return to previous rules than a bad agreement

"We believe that the new fiscal rules must be consistent with the objectives defined at European level, in particular with the challenges of climate change and with particular reference to defence"
antonio tajani

Tajani: “Our relations with Ukraine have always been close”

“To date we have provided shelter to over 170 thousand people"