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The Chamber approves the Migrants decree: here are the main measures

The text now passes to the Senate for examination and must be converted into law, under penalty of lapse, by next December XNUMXth


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The Hall of Camera approved with 162 yes, 106 no and two abstentions, the decree containing urgent provisions on immigration and international protection, as well as for the support of security policies and the functionality of the Ministry of the Interior. The text now passes to the Senate for examination and must be converted into law, under penalty of lapse, by December 4th. The measure, which is made up of 13 articles for a total of 30 paragraphs, intervenes on the management of migratory flows and immigration regulation, prevention measures and the right to asylum. In the presence of significant and close arrivals of unaccompanied minors, in fact, if reception cannot be ensured, the prefect orders the activation of temporary accommodation facilities exclusively dedicated to unaccompanied minors, with a maximum capacity of fifty places for each structure.


These structures can also be created in agreement with the Local Societies. In cases of extreme urgency, the construction or expansion of temporary accommodation facilities are permitted in derogation of the capacity limit established by the same provision, to a maximum extent of 50 percent of the places provided. Reception in temporary accommodation facilities cannot be arranged for minors under the age of fourteen and is limited to the time strictly necessary for transfer to the facilities. In the event of temporary unavailability of temporary accommodation facilities, the prefect orders the temporary reception of the minor aged no less than sixteen years in a dedicated section in the centers and facilities for adults, for a period not exceeding ninety days, extendable to the maximum of a further sixty days and in any case within the limits of the resources available under current legislation allocated for the purpose. The reception of unaccompanied minors in the facilities is communicated by the manager of the facility, to Common where the structure itself is located, for coordination with local services. The text provides for the possibility for the public security authority to order, immediately, the carrying out of anthropometric measurements or other health checks, including radiographic ones, aimed at identifying age, upon authorization from the Public Prosecutor's Office at the court for people, for minors and for families.

There is also a green light for a crackdown on expulsions for reasons of public order, with the relevant decision that can be adopted directly by the prefect, if there are serious reasons for public safety: the objective is to make the the intervention of State flight. We then introduce the possibility of proceeding by the Interior Ministry to the expulsion of holders of long-term residence permits who constitute a threat to public order or to the safety of the State flight. The judge, in pronouncing against a citizen of another Member State of the European Union a sentence of conviction or application of the sentence upon request pursuant to Article 444 of the Code of Criminal Procedure for a non-negligent crime, when he deems having to impose the prison sentence within the limit of three years and the conditions for ordering the conditional suspension of the sentence pursuant to article 163 of the Penal Code are not met, can replace the prison sentence with the measure of immediate removal with prohibition of re-entry into the national territory for a period corresponding to double the sentence imposed. It is established that, while in the case of expulsion for serious reasons of public order or state security, an appeal can be made to the administrative judge, in the case of expulsion for serious reasons of public security, the ordinary judicial authority is competent to deal with the appeal. .


The text, due to the exceptional influx of migrants during 2023, provides for an increase of 400 units in the contingent of personnel of the Armed Forces of the operationSafe streets', for the period from 31 October to 2023 December XNUMX, in order to strengthen the control and safety devices of the places where the main railway infrastructures of the country are located. The assignment, at diplomatic representations or consular offices, of up to twenty personnel of the roles of inspectors and superintendents of the State Police, with the aim of strengthening controls on visa applications to enter Italy. Considering that the Armed Forces and the Carabinieri are increasingly called upon to participate in activities to combat illegal immigration, both with respect to the control of flows by sea and with the organization of transfer flights, with the surveillance of the detention centers for repatriations (Cpr), and, again, with the specific activity of territorial control, a series of interventions aimed at logistical support, the supply of goods and services, as well as the purchase, maintenance and adaptation are finally financed of means, infrastructures and systems, allocating for these purposes 2 million euros for 2023 and 9 million euros for each of the years 2024 and 2025, to be divided between the Armed Forces and Carabinieri.

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