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Summit with Giovannini, Brunetta and D'Incà on Mose on the safeguarding policies of Venice and its lagoon

Among the objectives achieved, the conclusion of the process of approval of the administrative acts governing the completion of the Mose system was highlighted, made possible also thanks to the allocation of 538 million euros for this purpose.

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Il Mose system, the safeguarding of Venice and its lagoon were the themes of the institutional meeting that took place today at the Interregional Superintendency for Public Works of the lagoon city, which was attended, among others, by the Minister of Infrastructures and Sustainable Mobility , Enrico Giovannini, the Minister for Public Administration, Renato Brunetta, the Minister for Relations with Parliament, Federico D'Incà, the Mayor of Venice Luigi Brugnaro, the Mayor of Chioggia, Mauro Armelao, and the Mayor of Cavallino Treporti, Roberta Nesto, the interregional supervisor for the Triveneto, Tommaso Colabufo, the head of the public works and human and instrumental resources department of Mims, Ilaria Bramezza and the Extraordinary Commissioner for Mose Elisabetta Spitz. During the meeting - reads a note - the state of the activities carried out and planned by the Draghi government for the completion of the Mose infrastructure, the management of the complex system that revolves around it, and the protection of Venice and the lagoon. In particular, as regards the Mose, the point was made on the latest interventions and future plans for the development and management of the barriers that defend Venice from the phenomenon of high water. Among the objectives achieved, the conclusion of the procedure for the approval of the administrative acts governing the completion of the Mose system was highlighted, also made possible thanks to the allocation of 538 million euros for this purpose. In fact, over the last 20 months: disputes with companies were closed and the Venice Bankruptcy Court approved the recovery plan of the Venezia Nuova Consortium; the expense plans and the start and end dates of each single intervention that remains to be carried out have been defined; in-depth monitoring was carried out on the corrosive state of the barriers and tensioners and solutions were identified that do not affect the durability of the work or the estimated costs for its maintenance; the tools for the safety of the plants were implemented in collaboration with the Police Headquarters, the Guardia di Finanza and the Harbor Master's Office; the provisional maintenance of the Treporti barrier was started and the actions for that concerning the entire infrastructure were started; the tender for the fiber ring essential for digital communication between the various Mose sites was approved; activities were started to release the areas used for construction site activities that are no longer necessary, starting with those located in Cavallino Treporti. Furthermore, the feasibility study for the decarbonisation of the Mose has been launched, an intervention not foreseen by the original project, possible through the construction of a photovoltaic system to ensure the continuous operation of the infrastructure and the introduction of the surplus of energy produced into the city grid. .

"The protection of Venice and its lagoon have been at the center of the Draghi government's action in these 19 months," said Minister Giovannini. “The important results obtained were the fruit of the commitment of all the institutions, which sought in a coordinated and shared way solutions to the various issues affecting Venice and its lagoon. We leave the new government with a situation that has finally stabilized on an administrative and technical level, in the hope that the new government will demonstrate a similar commitment to guarantee the city a future of sustainable development from all points of view ”. Today's meeting was also an opportunity to take stock of the activities related to other important dossiers concerning Venice and its lagoon: the management of large cruise ships, the forthcoming constitution of the Venice Lagoon Authority, the Mud Protocol and the morphological plan. In particular, the objectives achieved, within the prescribed terms, by the extraordinary Commissioner Fulvio Di Blasio, president of the Port System Authority of the Northern Adriatic Sea, were illustrated regarding the realization of temporary landings in the area of ​​Marghera and Chioggia, after the the government intervened to introduce a ban on the transit of large ships in the San Marco Basin and the Giudecca Canal. The temporary landings will be further strengthened with docks in Chioggia, Monfalcone and Trieste. The imminent conclusion of the approval process for the sludge protocol and the simplifications that have taken place regarding the contents and procedures for the approval of the morphological plan of the lagoon were then mentioned. "The full synergy between the Government, Parliament, the Veneto Region, the Metropolitan City and the Municipality of Venice has made it possible to place the territory of Venice at the center of a series of actions, in order to preserve and promote the" oldest city of the future ", has affirmed the minister Brunetta.

“In 20 months of Draghi's government - the minister recalled - many provisions have been adopted: from the measures on the Great Ships and the need to safeguard Venice and its lagoon; the fund for companies operating in the artistic ceramic and artistic glass sector of Murano; interventions in support of the local public transport service, the new regulatory framework with which the government has provided a tool capable of guaranteeing not only effective and efficient management of the MoSE, but also, in general, the preservation of the city and the lagoon area and the maintenance of the lagoon hydraulic system. In particular, thanks to the work of Minister Giovannini, the “Authority for the Venice Lagoon - New Water Authority” finally sees the light, which thanks to a streamlined and inclusive governance enhances and makes central the contribution of the territory. With the “Venice World Sustainability Capital” Foundation, which I am honored to chair on the recommendation of Draghi, we have one more place to accompany this virtuous path of environmental, social and cultural sustainability, at the basis of the economic revival of the city. Venice, thanks to its millenary resilience, must be supported and strengthened with projects, the network and new technologies. To truly transform into the oldest city of the future, a model for the world. Strong, coordinated and synergistic action has made it possible to put Venice back at the center of national and territorial policies. An action that it is desirable to continue with the new Government and Parliament, also paying the utmost attention to the refinancing of the existing special law, to create growth, development and economic, cultural and social innovation in a territory that has always been a source of wealth for the whole country ". For the Minister D'Incà: "After years of great difficulties in the management of the Venice lagoon and in the slowness for the entry into operation of the Mose, the last governments have given a virtuous turning point to this model, in the name of transparency, efficiency and environmental sustainability. A decisive change of step on which the future executive will also have to work and on which effective supervision will have to continue. The work does not end here because protecting Venice and enhancing its enormous heritage through active and sustainable policies becomes increasingly necessary in a time of great emergency due to climate change ".

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