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Breaking with Italia viva, Calenda excludes second thoughts: "The relationship of trust has worn out"

The leader of Action: "This party was not born because Renzi did not want it". Maria Elena Boschi's reply: "You left us at the altar because you were afraid of a real Congress"

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"I exclude the possibility of second thoughts" in the break with Italia viva, "there was a deterioration in the relationship of trust". The leader of Action said it, Carlo Calenda, guest of "Otto e mezzo", on La7. “Yesterday – she explained – we had the last meeting to try to close the document. We were all gathered but Boschi didn't arrive after half an hour and meanwhile her agencies came out in which she said they were the worst in the universe. When she arrived she said 'I'm a parliamentarian and I can say what I want' and I replied 'imagine, but there are facts and bar talk'. The fact is that yesterday a document was presented to which no was said. End".

Because the party was not born

According to the centrist leader “this party was not born because one of the contracting parties didn't do it. And I go on television to explain to my electorate why it happened, as it should be done". "An electoral promise has fallen and I have a moral obligation to explain," he continued. "My self-criticism - Calenda explained again - is that I believed in it because I thought that a person who had so many things to do did not have the time to also be party secretary". "Last year Renzi earned over two million euros traveling around the world and being a lecturer for Saudi Arabia, I didn't think he had time," she concluded.

The attack on Renzi's activities

"The agreement that I proposed to Renzi foresaw the impossibility of being a lobbyist if one holds a public role," Calenda specified. "While we were allies - he continued - I always said that I didn't agree but that he could do what he wanted until we were together in the single party". "I have always said and confirm that I do not agree and I am ready to vote for a law that prohibits lobbying if it sits in national and international institutions", she concluded.
Maria Elena Boschi's reply
The reply from the deputy of Italia viva was not long in coming Mary Helen Woods, guest of "Porta a porta", on Rai Uno. “The truth about the break with Italia viva is that Calenda has chosen not to be a single party anymore because he was afraid to face a real, open and inclusive congress,” Boschi said. “We – he continued – asked to create a truly open party that was not the sum of Action and Italia viva. But how can a democratic party be born without confrontation from below? The alternative to territorial congresses are appointments from above and perhaps Calenda was expecting a coronation, but there will only be one crowned Charles in London on 6 May”. “Unfortunately we were left on the altar by Calenda, we have to say things as they are”, continued the honorable member of Italia viva.
“I say it with regret that the experience of the single party between Action and Italia viva is over. Today – said Boschi – Calenda unilaterally decreed the end of it”. “It is a project in which we believed until the end and we tried to insist until the very last hours, despite the many polemical tones that started out of nowhere in Calenda and Azione. We are sorry that this was the outcome, but now we roll up our sleeves, we leave Italy alive and continue our work ”, he concluded.


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