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Rome: restore legality in Tor Bella Monaca, the united institutions mobilize

According to Don Antonio Coluccia, there are two situations that need to be attacked to take away space from the clans: drug trafficking and the racket of occupations of public housing


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Restore legality, break down the wall of silence and defeat educational poverty. This is the meaning of the joint actions implemented by the police forces, institutions and politics in Tor Bella Monaca, in eastern suburbs of Rome. In fact, a new inter-force blitz took place this morning in via dell'Archeologia, a few weeks after the maxi operation organized by the Committee for public order and safety. From the first light of dawn, a joint operation was carried out which involved around 300 men, including the State Police, the Carabinieri and the Financial Police. From drugs to weapons, from illegally occupied public housing to illegal connections, the police searched the historic drug dealing square on the eastern outskirts of the capital throughout the morning. As a result of the operations, two drug-related arrests were made. Furthermore, over 300 doses of narcotic substances, including cocaine, marijuana and hashish, were seized, while six people were reported. In the basement of a building in the complex known as "Horseshoe", a 22 caliber compressed air rifle was also found, for sporting use on the range. Furthermore, 4 illegally occupied apartments owned by Ater Roma were evicted.

Alongside the police, the police also took to the field Ama operators, who carried out a sweeping, washing, cleaning and waste collection service in via dell'Archeologia. During the morning, the mayor of Rome, Roberto Gualtieri, the prefect Lamberto Giannini and the anti-mafia priest Don Coluccia carried out an inspection of Tor Bella Monaca. This morning's speech "is the demonstration that we are working on a strategy shared by all the institutions, for the strengthening of legality and decorum" and which will be accompanied by the "redevelopment of the ground floors where people now carry out shop, but in which, with our interventions, they will be able to work and dedicate themselves to socializing", are the words of the mayor, who added: "we want to create new common spaces, starting with the redevelopment of the ground floors". Also there Lazio region he made a point of reiterating his commitment to fighting crime. The institutions must occupy the territory left to criminal organizations for too long: this is the message that Don Antonio Coluccia launched in the hearing that took place in the Fight against crime and anti-mafia commission of the Pisana Regional Council, chaired by Flavio Cera of Fd' THE.

An appeal, the one launched by the priest victim of the attempted attack on 31 August during the march of legality in Tor Bella Monaca, which the associations present have expressed in the various areas of work: fight against school dropouts, recovery of the degradation of the neighbourhoods, training courses to provide work to the weakest individuals who, otherwise, become a reservoir of manpower for the mafias. The hearing, dedicated to the eastern quadrant of Rome, in particular to Tor Bella Monaca, was introduced by President Cera who wanted to thank "the police for the blitz this morning. We are all called to work together to combat crime. Institutions must be close to citizens. We want to give a strong signal to all Romans. Precisely for this reason the next meeting of the commission will be held in Tor Bella Monaca", announced Cera.

There are two situations to attack to take away space from the clans according to don Antonio Coluccia: drug trafficking and the racket of public housing occupations: "The action of the police forces is not enough, profound and non-spoof interventions are needed, we need to create an alternative: a new life proposal, trying to make the kids understand that there is a different future”, underlined the anti-drug priest who, before the commission, also met the president of the Lazio Regional Council, Antonello Aurigemma. Under guard for years and the victim of a possible ambush on the streets of Tor Bella Monaca at the end of August, Coluccia explained that "people are starting to breathe because the clans have stolen oxygen from these people, creating a state of fear. But the wall of silence is breaking down: now people see local institutions intervening and are starting to understand that hope is possible and must be built with everyone's help, including citizens who are saying 'don't abandon us' - he told Don Coluccia -. Therefore, there is a certain social sensitivity and an awakening of consciences,” she concluded.

The initiative of Lazio region was born mainly "from the many activities that Don Coluccia is carrying out in the area – declared president Aurigemma -. Our Ater offices are in close contact with the Prefecture to report illegal occupations. In this morning's operations, the properties were freed and we will continue in this direction to give a strong signal of the presence of the institutions in such an important area as Tor Bella Monaca. But we want to do this in all areas of Rome and the provinces of Lazio – reiterated Aurigemma -. We will continue to support the activities and the Region will be present not so much in form but in substance, because these activities must be supported by administrative measures. The institutions are taking back the space that is currently occupied by crime and malfeasance", concluded the President of the Chamber.

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