Qatar: authorities seize a Pernambuco flag mistaken for the LGBT symbol

This was reported by the journalist of the magazine "G1", present on site as reporter of the World Cup

Qatari authorities arrested Brazilian citizens and took away the flag of the state of Pernambuco, bearing a rainbow mistaken for the symbol of the LGBT community. This was reported by the journalist of the "G1" magazine, present on the spot as a reporter of the World Cup. The fact would have occurred in the vicinity of the Lusail stadium, in Doha, after the match Argentina lost against Saudi Arabia. The journalist reports that he was "attacked by some members" of the organization and "police officers" who allegedly ordered him to give them the phone to delete the video in which he filmed the seizure of the flag carried by some girls.

“They thought it was an LGBT flag but it was only the flag of Pernambuco,” Pereira said, denouncing the fact that, as the holder of a special pass, he had permission to do all the filming. The rainbow has stood out on the flag of Pernambuco since 1870, the year in which, thanks to the "Pernambuco Revolution" the state became independent from Portugal for 70 days. An arch, reports the headboard, which was originally red, yellow and white, to symbolize the beginning of an era of peace and friendship. Only in 1917, it would change to red, yellow and green, emblem of the union of all Pernambucans.

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