Presidency of the US House: Trump accuses McConnell of agitating the Republican Party

"The Republican Party is paying for unnecessary agitation," the former US president wrote on social media 'Truth'


The former president of the United States, Donald Trump, has returned to attack the leader of the Republicans in the Senate, Mitch McConnell, accusing him of the state of turmoil aroused on the conservative front by the failure to elect Kevin McCarthy as speaker of the House of Representatives. “The Republican Party is paying for unnecessary agitation,” Trump wrote on social media “Truth”. According to the former president, the disorder among the Republicans is largely attributable to McConnell, the latter's wife - the former Secretary of Transport Elaine Chao - and other so-called "Rino" ("Republicans in name Only", an acronym used derogatorily by the Republican right to denote party members who would not genuinely support conservative political causes).

The House of Representatives of the United States federal Congress adjourned the first session of 2023 yesterday, January 3, without having elected its new president. The leading candidate of the new Republican majority, Kevin McCarthy, has in fact missed the minimum target of the 218 votes necessary to establish his leadership three times. In the third attempt of the day, the Republican obtained 202 votes, 16 fewer than those necessary to win the role of "speaker", and one less than those collected in the first two rounds. In fact, the deputy Byron Donalds has joined the front of the opponents within the party, bringing the valid votes for the other republican exponent, Jim Jordan, to twenty. The Democratic bloc instead confirmed the compact vote for its candidate, Hakeem Jeffries. The failed election of the Speaker of the Chamber in the first round hadn't happened for more than a hundred years. Sources of the "Grand Old Party" reported by the local media report that the group of dissidents, closest to former President Donald Trump, could grow in the next few hours, increasing the electoral weight of Jordan, a supporter of McCarthy whose candidacy had in any case been launched by a minority deputy.

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