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Omerovic case, the investigating judge: "Hasib threw himself out of the window because he was terrified of the policeman"

The judge for preliminary investigations specifies that agent Andrea Pellegrini, arrested last night on charges of torture and false ideology, "had no hesitation in the face of a deaf-mute boy and a girl with cognitive disabilities"

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The July 25 Hasib Omerovic jumped out the window of his second floor apartment in the Primavalle district in Rome, not to commit suicide, but due to the “serious conduct committed against him by Agent Pellegrini at the time of the intervention carried out by the members of the Commissariat". The Gip of the court of Rome writes it in the order with which, yesterday evening, the mobile squad arrested agent Andrea Pellegrino for torture and false ideology. The other 4 agents are involved in the affair, all under investigation, for various reasons, for false ideology committed by a public official in public documents and misdirection. Omerovic, deaf and mute, remained in a coma for a long time before recovering from his injuries. On 25 July in the house in via Gerolamo Aleandri, in Primavalle, the agents intervened following reports on Facebook in which they feared alleged verbal harassment by Omerovic against girls in the neighbourhood.

"Although the intervention at the house in via Gerolamo Aleandro can be considered (initially) legitimate as it was aimed, from a preventive perspective by the police officers - reads the ordinance - this activity was carried out in a completely anomalous, and, at least from a certain moment on, exploited with consequent violation of duties and abuse and going beyond the function, in particular by the assistant chief Pellegrini". A conduct suffered by Omerovic "which evidently traumatized and terrified him to such an extent as to induce him to find in some way, in a state of severe upheaval of moral freedom and self-determination, an escape route (or in any case shelter) from the window , although placed about eight meters high, in order to escape the situation of subjection due to the multiple and repeated violence and threats he was suffering and which he probably feared he would have to continue to suffer and for which he did not understand the reasons".

The investigating judge specifies that Pellegrini "had no hesitation in the face of a deaf-mute boy and a girl with cognitive disabilities"; her sister was present in the apartment "performing repeated violent acts, both on people and on things and seriously threatening, so as to denote stubbornness and incapacity for self-control". The reconstruction of the facts is meticulous. The agent entered "inside the house, immediately and for no apparent reason" hit Omerovic "with two slaps in the area between the neck and face, simultaneously addressing his address, with a decidedly altered manner, the following sentence: 'don't you ever dare to do those things again, to take pictures of that little girl'” and after having grabbed “a kitchen knife, she brandished it at” the man's address. Pellegrini then broke down Omerovic's bedroom door, although the latter "promptly took action to hand over the keys". Once inside the room he forced the 38-year-old to sit on a chair and after tearing off a wire from the fan "he used it to tie Omerovic's wrists brandishing" once again "the kitchen knife at the man, threatening him, yelling at him the following phrase 'if you do it again, I'll stick it in your c…' and "he hit him again with a slap and kept yelling at him, repeatedly telling him 'don't do it anymore'".

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