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Netanyahu: “Israel is fighting the war of all civilized countries”

“We now need the support of all European countries in Israel's just battle against these barbarians, these savages who have broken every rule”


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Israel is not just fighting its own war, it is fighting the war of all civilized countries and all civilized peoples. The Prime Minister of Israel said this, Benjamin Netanyahu, during the press conference with the Romanian counterpart, Marcel Ciolacu. “And just as the civilized world united in the fight against the Nazis, united in the fight against the Islamic State, so the civilized world should unite behind Israel in the fight and eradication of Hamas,” he added.

Thanking Romania for its friendship, Netanyahu said: “We now need the support of all European countries in Israel's just battle against these barbarians, these savages who have broken every norm.” “They really are the new Nazis. They murdered children, they beheaded young people, they burned them alive, they raped and killed women, they kidnapped elderly people, they murdered young children in front of their families and they murdered parents in front of their children – he continued –. There was no mercy. There have been murders of people hiding in attics. This is exactly like Babi Yar (the extermination camp in Ukraine). The horror is the same horror.” During the press conference, Netanyahu said that peace in the Middle East “will only be possible if this caliphate, this Daesh caliphate, is destroyed. Nobody can make peace with Daesh, nobody can make peace with Al Qaeda and nobody can make peace with the Nazis. They must be defeated. Then we will have peace."

Three members of the Hamas political leader's family died 

A total of three members of the family of the political leader of the Palestinian Islamist movement Hamas, Ismail Haniyeh, were killed in an attack carried out by the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) in the Gaza Strip. This was reported by the newspaper “Hareetz”. According to the Israeli news agency "Jewish Press", one of Haniyeh's sons was also among the victims. Hazem Ismail.

Israel hits 200 targets in Gaza, infiltration attempt from Lebanon foiled

A possible cessation of the ongoing tensions in Israel and the Palestinian Territories seems distant. The clashes continue and the death toll from the military operations of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) in the Gaza Strip is at least 2.837 dead and over 10.000 injured. The Strip was subjected to intense bombing even during the night and at the first light of dawn. The Israeli Defense Forces have in fact struck over 200 targets of the Palestinian Islamist movement Hamas and Islamic Jihad. This was learned from the Israeli newspaper "Times of Israel". The IDF also declared that it had struck several Hamas command centers and weapons depots from the sea. Meanwhile, the Israeli death toll since the Hamas attacks began on October 7 has risen to over 1,400.

The Israel Defense Forces also claimed to have foiled an infiltration attempt by a "terrorist cell" from the territory of Lebanon this morning, killing four of its members. The IDF themselves announced this in a message published on platform

On the humanitarian front yesterday morning the Israeli government denied reports that it had accepted a ceasefire in the southern Gaza Strip to allow the entry of humanitarian aid and the escape of people with international passports to Egypt through the Rafah crossing. The Foreign Minister of Egypt, Sameh Shoukri, said Israel “unfortunately has not yet allowed” aid to enter the Gaza Strip via Rafah, which connects Egypt to the Palestinian enclave. There are over 100 humanitarian aid convoys destined for the civilian population of the Gaza Strip blocked on the Egyptian side of the Rafah crossing, awaiting its opening. This was reported by the Saudi-owned pan-Arab broadcaster "Al Arabiya". On the other side of the crossing, meanwhile, hundreds of Palestinians and foreign citizens are waiting to be able to exit the Strisci

The operations of the Israeli forces have been ongoing since October 7, the day in which Hamas perpetrated a series of attacks in Israeli territory causing 1.400 deaths and a harsh reaction from Israeli forces. There would be 155 Israeli hostages in the hands of the Palestinian movement, of whom we know due to the reports sent by their families to the IDF. IDF spokesman Daniel Hagari said the military was doing everything possible to bring them home.

From them, international actors they continue to work so that there can be an easing of tensions. The US Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, met yesterday with the Israeli Prime Minister and the Minister of Defense, Yoav Gallant, to discuss the situation in the region and in the Gaza Strip, following the attack launched on 7 October against Israel by Hamas. The head of US diplomacy reiterated Washington's commitment to protecting Israel, which "has the right to defend itself from Hamas terrorism". Blinken also stressed that the US will provide Israel with everything it needs to protect its country. Particular attention was paid to coordination with the United Nations and regional partners to ensure the provision of humanitarian aid to the civilian population.

Even the Russian president, Vladimir Putin, is moving to try to promote de-escalation. The head of the Kremlin held separate telephone talks today with his counterparts from Syria, Bashar Asad, from Iran, Ebrahim Raisi, from Egypt, Abdel Fattah al Sisi, and the president of the Palestinian National Authority (PNA), Mahmud Abbas . “Extreme concern was expressed about the escalation of large-scale fighting, accompanied by a disastrous increase in civilian casualties and the deepening of the humanitarian crisis in the Gaza Strip,” the Kremlin said in a statement. “A unanimous opinion was expressed on the need for a rapid ceasefire, the establishment of a humanitarian truce in order to urgently provide assistance to all those in need,” the note continues. Serious concern was also expressed about the likelihood that the conflict would turn into a regional war." In turn, Putin highlighted that any form of violence against civilians is unacceptable, noting that Russia expresses condolences to the relatives and friends of the victims who died following an armed clash.

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