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Safety: one death every two days on construction sites, mortality decreasing compared to 2022

Among the main irregularities found by the Labor Inspectorate are scaffolding not anchored correctly, the absence of paths within the construction site dedicated to vehicles and/or pedestrians or the lack/inadequacy of collective protection devices

Pisa, Schlein: "From last night's square, the best response to the images that shook everyone"

“At least they take it out on us and don't take it out on the families and parents worried about yesterday's images, because today everyone will have thought it could have been my son"

Ukraine, the M5s: “Meloni's catwalk in Kiev is a farce”

"What is the meaning of yet another Meloni catwalk in Kiev and of the ten-year bilateral agreement signed with Zelensky?" ask Riccardo Ricciardi, vice president of the Five Star Movement, Marco Pellegrini, M5s group leader in the Defense commission in the Chamber and Bruno Marton

Government, Meloni: “The center-right is together by choice”

After the death of Silvio Berlusconi "they wrote that without him there would be no future for Forza Italia, but they were wrong"

Rooms of love for prisoners, Ostellari: "There is no authorization"

"Following the well-known ruling on the matter by the Constitutional Court, a working group will be set up to investigate the issue further"

Pro-Palestine marches: clashes between police and demonstrators in Pisa and Florence

The general secretary of the Coisp police union: "The demonstrations were not authorised"

Sardinia 2024, Schlein: “Winning also to demonstrate that Meloni is not unbeatable”

"We want to give an alternative to these right-wingers"

Mattarella: “Solidarity with Meloni, violence overwhelms the dignity of politics”

“The political confrontation, the contrast of ideas and proposals, the competition, including electoral ones, are mortified and distorted"

Pnrr, Gentiloni: It is important that Italy continues its commitment to implementation

"Italy has received approximately half of all the resources paid up to now for the various European NPRRs"

The Police obscures 473 online resources including websites and advertisements for fake financial investments

Internet users were induced to rely on the seriousness of the investment since the promotional messages were conveyed through the undue exploitation of the Eni spa brand and the image of the pro tempore CEO

Latest news

donald trump

USA: Republican primaries today in South Carolina, Trump overwhelmingly favored over Haley

The former UN ambassador is hoping for a better-than-expected performance in her home state, however polls give the former US president an average state-level lead of around 30 percentage points

The final declaration of the Kiev summit: here are the main points

The G7 countries call on Russia “to immediately cease its war of aggression and completely and unconditionally withdraw its military forces from the internationally recognized territory of Ukraine”

Draghi at the Ecofin meeting: "Confrontation with ministers on the topic of EU competitiveness"

Draghi's comprehensive report is expected by the end of June. Subsequently, the Economic and Financial Affairs Council will "further elaborate and implement the identified solutions"

Niger: Cedeao announces the lifting of sanctions "with immediate effect"

The decision, said the president of the Cedeao Commission, Omar Alieu Touray, was taken "for purely humanitarian reasons" and to alleviate the suffering caused to the Nigerian population

The body of Russian dissident Navalny has been handed over to his mother

The woman is still in Salekhard. The funeral is still pending

Other news

Gaza: Israel will hand over its report on measures to prevent genocide to the Hague Court on Monday

The document drawn up by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Justice will focus on the order to "prevent and punish direct and public incitement to commit genocide", to take immediate measures to "enable the provision of basic services"

Protests in Pisa, Mattarella in Piantedosi: The authority of the police cannot be measured by truncheons

The words of the Head of State follow the events in Pisa where clashes occurred during a student demonstration against the war in Gaza

Gaza, “Axios”: The new agreement plan includes six weeks of truce and the release of 40 hostages

The proposal, developed during negotiations that took place yesterday in Paris, France, also provides for the release of hundreds of Palestinian prisoners held in Israeli prisons
houthi red sea

Red Sea, Centcom: “Possible environmental disaster caused by a merchant ship hit by the Houthis”

The attack on the Rubymar ship represents the most significant damage ever inflicted on a commercial vessel since the Houthis began firing on the ships in November in retaliation for Israel's offensive in Gaza

Ukraine: Zelensky, Meloni and other leaders lay wreaths at the Wall of Remembrance – video

Located near the San Michele complex, the Wall of Remembrance of the Fallen for Ukraine represents one of the most touching testimonies regarding the conflict