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Migrants, Tajani: "We must defeat human traffickers" - video

Speaking of the visit to Serbia a few days ago, he said he found the commitment of President Aleksander Vucic to defend the European borders

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We must defeat human traffickers, who promise "unattainable goals and exploit" the desperation of people fleeing wars, dictatorships, devastating economic situations. The deputy prime minister and foreign minister said so Antonio Tajani, speaking to the press in Trieste. The minister highlighted the importance of the "fight against human traffickers" and the "stability of the Balkan region, with an ever-increasing presence of Italy". "Our soldiers are a guarantee in many parts of the Balkans to protect compliance with the rules", Tajani noted. We need to work with other countries in this area to ensure stability, which means "reduction of violence, respect for the rules" and "fight against human traffickers and increase in regular migratory flows", which means "people who can come to work in Italy on the basis of the requests of the real economy”, or rather “industry and agriculture”, Tajani said again.

The Italian government has placed this issue at the center of the European debate migratory, in the Mediterranean and Balkan corridor. “All of our action of a strong presence in the Balkans serves to give stability to this region close to Italy. Stability – continued the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs – also means a reduction in migratory pressure”. Speaking of his visit to Serbia a few days ago, Tajani said he found the commitment of President Aleksander Vucic to defend the European borders. “We found similar sensitivity in Croatia, in Slovenia, also in Bosnia-Herzegovina”, he added, indicating the “common commitment to address migratory pressure, including Austria.

Italy-Serbia business forum 

After last week's Belgrade, the next Italian-Serbian business forum will be held in Trieste in 2024. to organize the next business forum”. The choice fell on the city of Trieste "because Friuli Venezia Giulia is the region that looks the closest and knows the Balkans best", explained the minister. "From a border region, Friuli Venezia Giulia is becoming a central region: in the future, the port of Trieste will be able to develop a lot and regional companies will be able to have a presence in an area that is of great importance to us".

War in Ukraine

The choices of the United Kingdom on sending depleted uranium ammunition to Ukraine do not concern the European Union, which makes different choices. "The European Union makes different choices from those of other countries", said Tajani, recalling that "the United Kingdom adopts initiatives that are not agreed with us", having left the EU. Speaking of China, he added that if Beijing "wants to be an interlocutor to build peace in Ukraine," we will all be happy ".

Internal politics

Forza Italia is part of the coalition and will work for the government to last five years. “We are an integral part of a coalition that won the elections and we will continue loyally”, explained Tajani who added that “there is only one leader of Forza Italia, Silvio Berlusconi, and the party is united with him, there are no currents. To make the machine more efficient, to prepare for the European elections", Berlusconi has appointed "other people to lead the regional coordinations", Tajani underlined. “Changes are natural in a great force, we move forward to achieve ever more ambitious goals,” he added.

The Regeni case 

Italy will continue "to insist that the Egyptian state collaborate with the Italian judicial authority" to shed light on the murder of the Friulian researcher Giulio Regeni, which took place in 2016 in Cairo, he added. “What happened in that country is unacceptable”. Tajani recalled that during the meetings with the Egyptian counterparts he "continued to ask during each visit the need to have all the useful information from the Egyptian side so that the process can go forward". “We have had reassurances and we hope they will turn into concrete acts. We are always looking for the truth,” he concluded.

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