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Turin: a flight of stairs collapses, a building in Corso Palermo evacuated

Fortunately, the accident did not cause any deaths or injuries

The Covisian company presented the new Ai platform for the customer experience of the future

President Gabriele Moretti: "Strengthened by our 25 years of experience, we are today able, thanks to new technologies, to integrate generative AI with the work of our people, creating economic value and quality of life for our customers"

Turin, Lo Russo: "The structure in via Traves will remain a reception site for migrants"

"The structure could contain 120 people while there are currently 400. I have directly contacted the Minister of Defense Crosetto to ask the government to manage the flows differently or to hand over different sites to us"

Piedmont 2024: Lupi crowns Cirio while awaiting the final approval from the center-right coalition

The doubts that emerged about the position of Fratelli d'Italia should have been resolved over the weekend

Bi.To, the largest integrated library circuit in Italy, is born in Turin

The new system brings together the library system of the Piedmontese capital with the metropolitan one. Currently, the total members of the two systems are over 750 thousand and 1,7 million documents are loaned annually

Piedmont 2024: Moratti meets Portas for the great Centre, today Lupi in Turin

Something is moving in the Piedmontese political centre. Last Friday a closed-door meeting was held between Letizia Moratti, Giacomo Portas and the group...

Stellantis announces layoffs at Mirafiori for Maserati and 500bev

Stellantis has announced the layoffs in Turin-Mirafiori for the production of Maserati and 500bev in the period from 19 October to 3 November...

Latest news

Train accident in Scotland: two people ended up in hospital

A Flying Scotsman train collided with a stationary carriage on the tracks of the Strathspey Railway, a historic line in the Highlands

Murder of rapper Tupac Shakur: one of those responsible arrested after 27 years

This is Duane "Keffe" Davis, a gangster already known to the authorities

The leaders of the Mediterranean countries in Malta: “The challenge of migrants requires a European response”

"We need an agreement on the European Pact regarding immigration and asylum by the end of the legislature"

Tajani on migrants: "If they are recovered by a German NGO they must be taken to Germany"

"Minister Baerbock thinks differently, but the vast majority of Germans think like us, because the CDU, the party now first in the polls, thinks like us"

New York under water: in just three hours the most rain fell in a month - the video

The governor, Kathy Hochul, declared a state of emergency

Other news

A 170 million hole appears in Lazio's accounts: the indications of the Court of Auditors were not respected in the past

President Francesco Rocca: "All this due to the management of the previous administration of the left and the M5s"

Benin denies the construction of the military base to welcome the French forces withdrawing from Niger

Paris forces, as announced on September 24 by French President Emmanuel Macron, will leave Niger by the end of the year
serbia kosovo

The US warns Serbia: "Withdraw troops from the border with Kosovo immediately"

Blinken hears from the Serbian president: "The attack on the Banjska monastery is unacceptable"

Slovakia: Former Prime Minister Fico could return to government and question support for Ukraine

On the domestic political front, Fico has made promises to promote economic growth and increase welfare spending
the guard

Lagarde: “High social cost if the energy transition is wrong or late”

"Last year's energy crisis was not linked to the green transition but highlighted how vulnerable we are to the volatility of energy prices"