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Zaia: "We must support the fishermen in the fight against the blue crab"

"The spread of the crustacean must be fought on a large scale and certainly letting it end up in the pot is not decisive but it can still be a way to support those who reluctantly see their life's work ruined every day"

Record hailstorm in Veneto: 110 people injured - video

A record hailstorm hit the Veneto region causing 110 people to be injured as well as extensive damage. The UDC Senator, Antonio De Poli, asked ...
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17 million euro scam with facade bonus: ten arrests in Verona

The accusation against the suspects is that of having been part of a criminal association aimed at committing fraud for the illicit receipt of state contributions

Administrative in Veneto: Treviso in the center-right, center-left ahead of Vicenza

In Vicenza there will be a ballot between Giacomo Possamai and Francesco Rucco

Drought: the interregional table for monitoring Lake Garda has been launched

Following the very low winter rainfall and despite the parsimonious management of the water available as early as December, this year the irrigation began with Lake Garda at an all-time low for the season
Zaia - Veneto

Veneto, Zaia: "Our economy has reacted well and is now grinding results"

"YoY figures point to job growth over twelve months"

In Friuli Venezia Giulia Fedriga wins with 64 percent, he is the first re-elected president of the Region

The outgoing governor, supported by Lega, Fratelli d'Italia and Forza Italia, detached by more than 30 points the candidate of the Democratic Party and the Five Star Movement, Massimo Moretuzzo, who stopped at 28,4 percent
Zaia - Veneto

Pnrr, the governor of Veneto Zaia: "Give us the money that others don't spend"

"I don't make it a geographical issue but instead of losing all those billions it would be better to transfer them to the regions capable of carrying out the works"
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Venice: discovered two thousand irregular workers in shipbuilding

The outcome of the activity of the Guardia di Finanza of Venice directed by the Public Prosecutor of Venice with the collaboration of the local Territorial Labor Inspectorate
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Venice: from 19 March last Sunday shows for five euros

The novelty is one of the initiatives of Circuito Cinema

Latest news

Middle East: Over 2022 Palestinians left West Bank in 1.110 due to settler violence

This is what we read in a report published by the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs

Ukraine, Biden announces a new military aid package. Thirty US Republicans oppose: "No to...

The parliamentarians contest that the government has made an "indefinite commitment" towards Kiev, without having "a clear strategy"

USA, a group of Republican parliamentarians contests the sending of new weapons to Ukraine

The document, addressed to the White House, was signed by 23 deputies and six senators

Rome, via Gianicolense like a torrent: traffic problems

The water, almost certainly coming from the rupture of a pipe, transformed the lane into a torrent and created fear among motorists

Kiev's ambassador to Brazil: Zelensky renewed his invitation to Lula to learn about Ukrainian pain

The two heads of state met for about an hour in a bilateral meeting held on the sidelines of the United Nations General Assembly in New York

Other news

Rome: restore legality in Tor Bella Monaca, the united institutions mobilize

According to Don Antonio Coluccia, there are two situations that need to be attacked to take away space from the clans: drug trafficking and the racket of occupations of public housing

Migrants, Mattarella: "No to buffer or approximate solutions, the problem cannot be solved by ignoring it"

"We must therefore take up the challenge and do it without forgetting that migration is a global phenomenon to be explored in depth with a vision of the future"

Caivano, Mantovano: "The government's commitment is to give different opportunities to this territory"

The undersecretary rattles off the data: “The average income of Caivano per family is 14 thousand euros per year and is lower than that of the province of Naples; the unemployment rate is 36 percent, while in Italy it is 11 percent; the youth unemployment rate is 66 percent, in the rest of Italy it is 35"

Stoltenberg: “We tried to negotiate with Putin before the war, but it wasn't possible”

"On the day of the invasion we activated our defense plans, deploying more forces in the eastern part of the alliance. Now there are more NATO forces, infrastructure, aircraft, troops in the eastern part of the alliance than there have ever been"

Karabakh, the European Commission mobilizes 500 thousand euros for humanitarian aid

EU humanitarian aid will help those affected cover their basic needs through cash assistance, including shelter and psychosocial support