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Sardinia 2024: Regional Council, 11 seats for the Democratic Party, 7 for Fd'I and M5S

33 hours after the count, all 1.844 sections have not yet been counted, but the composition of the new Royal Council is already starting to be outlined...

Sardinia 2024, Todde: “The island is not a national laboratory but the Pd-M5S alliance can work̶...

For the newly elected the result is a clear answer to Giorgia Meloni

Truzzu: “Cagliari voted against me, I take responsibility for the defeat”

The centre-right candidate adds: "The elections were not influenced by national factors"
administrative elections

Slowness of the ballots in Sardinia: for the M5S it would be a "communication strategy"

Controversy over the slow pace of updating data relating to Sardinia's regional elections on the Region's website dedicated to the results in ...

Schlein: “Todde is the right person to redeem the Sardinians”

"As Bersani said, it is a perfect mix between Sardinia and innovation: it was not imposed by Roman agreements, I have great respect for the autonomy of the Sardinians. But we are not imposing names or methods even in other realities: each territory has a unique history self"

Sardinia: Coldiretti's alarm, campaigns dry for weeks, declare a state of disaster

While all eyes are on the electoral campaign for the next regional elections, agricultural and livestock companies in Sardinia with...

Sardinia 2024, Todde and Schlein in Cagliari: it is possible to beat the right, determined to turn the island around

An opportunity to make the center-left people understand that we are united and cohesive and determined to make a change in Sardinia. So the candidate, Alessandr...

Sardinia 2024, the former gubernatorial candidate of the M5S Francesco Desogus: “I support Lucia Chessa”

In the 2019 regional elections he was the gubernatorial candidate for the 5 Star Movement. Now for the consultations on February 25, 2024...

Sardinia, Luisetta Mercalli turned 109: she is the longest-living woman in Cagliari

This is a record that only Mrs. Amelia Addari, 112 years old, surpasses in the island panorama

Sardinia: medical error on a newborn, treasury damage of over 1,5 million euros

The child was born suffering from very serious brain lesions such as to cause permanent biological damage of 95 percent

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Haiti: armed groups attack the capital's prison

In the context of a highly confusing situation, the regional newspaper "El Colombiano" published an audio with the request for help from the soldiers on duty in the prison

Chad: the death of the opponent Dillo is not convincing, the EU and NGOs are calling for an investigation

In the country the situation remains highly tense after the violence that broke out in the capital in recent days

3.4 magnitude shock at the Campi Flegrei, fear but no damage

The earthquake was recorded this morning shortly after 10am

Pakistan: Shehbaz Sharif elected prime minister, this is his second term

Nawaz Sharif's Muslim League, despite not obtaining a majority, was the first party

Switzerland: 50-year-old Orthodox Jew stabbed in Zurich, 15-year-old arrested

According to the authorities, the man was hospitalized urgently

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US primaries: Trump wins in Michigan, Missouri and Idaho

The victories, underlines the US press, pave the way for the former president in view of "Super Tuesday" next week

Gaza: new talks in Egypt for the truce and the release of hostages, the Israeli delegation absent

An official of the Jewish State confirmed this to the "Times of Israel" newspaper

Crosetto: “Hamas must be eradicated but the Palestinian people must be protected”

On the Red Sea: "Italy is not there to carry out war actions, but to defend its ships"
Putin falls ill with cardiac arrest

85 percent of Russians think that Putin has a clear plan for the country's development

One interviewee in ten thinks that "there are no strategies"