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Meloni: "The game on biofuels is not lost"

On the meeting with Macron: "There is a desire to collaborate on matters of strategic importance, including migration, on which I see the president's great willingness"

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The game on biofuels "is not lost". The prime minister said, Giorgia Meloni, in a press point at the end of the work of the European Council and the Eurosummit in Brussels. “In the meantime, the one on technological neutrality has been won,” Meloni said. “We cannot help the environment by destroying our industry. We need sustainable solutions,” Meloni said, adding that we are working together on this point at a European level.


The meeting with the French president Emmanuel Macron “It was long and broad” and he showed a willingness to collaborate on relevant issues, he explained. “A long and broad meeting, on a complex geopolitical situation. There is a desire to collaborate on matters of strategic importance, including migration, on which I register a great willingness from President Macron. It seems to me that there was a very productive climate and this is certainly useful for tackling common challenges ”, Meloni said, adding that she is“ absolutely satisfied with this bilateral ”.

Ukraine, Stability and Growth Pact, migrants: these were the topics addressed yesterday in the conversation which lasted an hour and 40 between the prime minister and the French president. A long-awaited bilateral meeting in which the two leaders also discussed industry and space, reiterating the need to "continue to work for European sovereignty" in terms of industrial and energy policy. On the subject of Ukraine, Meloni and Macron welcomed the agreement on the need to supply ammunition and missiles. On the migration issue, on the other hand, the two leaders focused, in particular, on the current situation in Libya and Tunisia. The French president said he had a "very positive discussion" with Meloni last night. The dialogue made it possible to "clarify many issues" and to "define the ways on which we can advance together on a bilateral and European level", explained the owner of the Elysée. "In this context we spoke of the situation in Tunisia where the very strong political tension, the economic and social crisis" in the absence of "agreement with the International Monetary Fund is very worrying," said Macron. This situation "causes a crisis for Tunisia itself, a great destabilization for the country and the region and increased migratory pressure on Italy and the European Union", declared the head of state. "Our will is to act together in order to help Tunisia regain political stability", to find an agreement with the International Monetary Fund and to open ways of cooperation", said the French president.


The banking system is “stable and solid. Surely we need to monitor, but not because we believe that the picture can be changed ”, said Meloni who said on the Mes: “The matter should not be discussed upstream but downstream. The reference to governance is no coincidence. This morning we discussed the banking union, the Mes is a sort of cassation, the first and second steps are the banking union".


It is necessary to carry on diplomatic work to convince Tunisia and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to reach an agreement. There will be a mission to Tunisia, Meloni said, "at the level of foreign ministers" and certainly "there is a lot of effort" on the part of everyone to arrive at a solution. Meloni said she was happy in this regard for having "focused" on Tunisia. “Certainly there is a lot of commitment, I spoke to (Economy Commissioner Paolo) Gentiloni, who will be there to do what the Commission can do even if the key issue upstream is the IMF, so diplomatic work is needed to convince both sides to close this deal and stabilize the region financially,” Meloni said. On the subject of migration, "the reference in the conclusions" of the European Council "confirms not only a change of pace that we have made but also that it remains a major priority in EU objectives".


There are no tensions with the allies on the appointments to public subsidiaries, “we are working very seriously, looking to the Italian national interest. We are talking about companies that are very important for our system and our credibility”, added Meloni.


Meloni said he sees no risk of the EU not paying the third tranche of the Pnrr. “We have inherited a situation that certainly requires us to work very quickly, that's what we are doing together with the Commission (EU). "It seems to me that the Commission greatly appreciates Italy's serious work," Meloni added.

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