Meloni sides with Taiwan: "Strong condemnation for China's unacceptable conduct"

This is an important field choice for the party less than 48 hours before Sunday's vote

Brothers of Italy (Fd'I) and world democracies strongly condemn "the unacceptable conduct of China”Towards Taiwan, which is a strategic trading partner for Italy and the European Union. The president of the right-wing political force said so, Giorgia Meloni, in an interview published today by the Taiwanese news agency "Cna". This is an important field choice for the party less than 48 hours before the vote on 25 September with the leader who yes ranks clearly in the Atlanticist area.

"With a center-right government, it is certain that Taiwan will be an essential concern for Italy," said Meloni, who says he "followed closely (and) with discomfort" what is happening in the Strait. The European Union should “deploy all the political and diplomatic weapons at its disposal", Exerting" as much pressure as possible "to prevent China from provoking any military conflict in the area, added Meloni, according to whom a Chinese military action would also have repercussions on trade relations between Beijing and Brussels:" Let's not forget that the The European Union is also a key outlet market for China, which risks being closed if it decides to attack the island ”.

On Italy's participation in the New Silk Road (BRI, Belt and Road Initiative) - the global connectivity initiative promoted by Beijing - the leader of Fratelli d'Italia has no doubts: joining in 2019 was "a big error "and" it is difficult "it is possible to foresee the political conditions for a renewal of the memorandum of understanding between Rome and Beijing in 2024, also in consideration of the treatment reserved for activists in Hong Kong and ethnic minorities of the Xinjiang.

"I hope that the time will serve Beijing to tone down and do something concrete for the respect of democracy, human rights and international legality", continued Meloni, who in the event of victory in the elections on 25 September and leading the the government intends to assist, as part of the European Union Global Gateway project, those "countries that see no alternative to Chinese penetration".

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