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Meloni meets Rutte: "The migration issue must be tackled starting from the defense of external borders"

The Dutch prime minister confirms to "Nova" the understanding with the Italian prime minister: "We like each other and there is trust: you and I are like a driving force in the EU on issues such as immigration"

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“The migration question must be tackled starting from the defense of external borders and the fight against traffickers, issues which, as far as Italy is concerned, and I hope not only, become even more relevant and important in the aftermath of the Cutro tragedy”. This was stated by the Prime Minister, Giorgia Meloni, during the joint statements to the press at the end of the meeting with the Prime Minister of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Mark Rutte.

On the letter sent by the President of the European Commission, Meloni said she was "satisfied with the response from Ursula Von Der Leyen” which confirms “a change of approach on the issue of migrants” because there is “awareness of a problem to be tackled at a European level, as well as cooperation with African countries and the fight against traffickers”, he continued.

With the Dutch prime minister - said Meloni - "we believe that the next European Council must make concrete progress on the migration issue, and in particular on the central Mediterranean route and on cooperation with African countries". "We had a very concrete and pragmatic approach to the main dossiers under consideration by the European Parliament", added Meloni. "Even if the positions of the two countries are not always the same - he specified - I found myself in front of a lucid, pragmatic and concrete person who wants to find solutions".

The Dutch Prime Minister to "Agenzia Nova": "Meloni and I are the driving force in Europe"

Even the Dutch prime minister reiterated to "Agenzia Nova" the excellent relationship created with Giorgia Meloni, which applies not only to the issue of migrants, but also to other issues. “I am absolutely convinced of that,” Rutte said. “We like each other, there is trust”. The Dutch prime minister then defined himself and the Italian prime minister as a "driving force in the context of the European Union to address issues such as immigration". Rutte then exalted the new climate of collaboration, speaking of an "unexpected agreement and a common vision reached within the framework of the European Union".

Support for Kiev 

Meloni underlined the common position on the conflict in Ukraine: "With Prime Minister Rutte we are on the same side and we have discussed how to implement and coordinate our assistance to Ukraine even better, which will continue at 360 degrees." The Italian prime minister then argued that Italy intends to "implement cooperation in the defense industry sector, given that our relations have been strong and important up to now". Even the Dutch premier, Mark Rutte, expressed great admiration for Italy's responsibility in supporting Ukraine: “Meloni's visit to the country was important. We send a message of unity at European level, Ukraine must win and Russia must lose”.

The Stability Pact

Meloni then spoke of the new stability and growth pact: "We believe - said the prime minister - that this new agreement must take greater account of the issue of a balance between stability and growth, both of which are necessary." With the Netherlands – the premier then specified – “the economic relations are very strong and there are many sectors in which there is room for growth, such as infrastructure, renewable energy and space”.

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© Agenzia Nova - Reproduction reserved


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