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Middle East, CNN: Qatar is very optimistic about the possibility of an extension of the truce between Israel and Hamas

Red Cross workers were unable to visit Hamas hostages in the Gaza Strip


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 Il Qatar is "very optimistic" about the hypothesis of an extension of the truce between Israel and Hamas in the Gaza Strip: an announcement could arrive already "in the next few hours", after the expected release of the sixth group of hostages by the Palestinian Islamist group . This was reported by the US broadcaster "Cnn" quoting the spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Doha, Majed Al Ansari. “We hope that within a couple of hours we will have the release of the last group (of hostages), but we will also be able to announce an extension (of the truce),” said the Qatari official, according to whom the terms of the truce the agreement would be the same.
According to CNN, Red Cross workers were unable to visit the Hamas hostages in the Gaza Strip, which would constitute a violation of the agreements reached. According to the agreements, the Red Cross should have had access to the hostages in Gaza "starting from the fourth day" of the truce between the parties. The circumstance was also confirmed last weekend by the White House national security advisor, Jake Sullivan. According to one of the "CNN" sources, the US would have asked Qatari mediators to put pressure on Hamas to allow the Red Cross to visit the hostages still in the hands of the Palestinian group and to provide proof that the latter are alive so that they can be increased the chances of an extension of the ongoing truce. However, the same broadcaster writes that failure to comply with this point of the agreement does not seem, for now, capable of derailing the talks between the parties. In a statement to "CNN", the spokesperson of the International Committee of the Red Cross, Jason Straziuso, underlined that the organization was not involved in the negotiations and that it can only "implement the measures decided by the two parties".
The Qassam Brigades, the armed wing of Hamas, have announced that they have released two women with Russian citizenship. This was reported by "Quds Press", considered close to Hamas and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad movement, citing a statement from the Qassam Brigades, according to which the two hostages were handed over to the Red Cross.

Officials and representatives of Israel, of the United States, of the Qatar and Egypt meeting yesterday in Doha they agreed to work to further extend the truce currently in place in Gaza, in exchange for the release of other Israeli hostages held by the Palestinian Islamist organization Hamas. According to a source familiar with the discussions quoted by the television broadcaster "CNN", Hamas has already sent Israel the list of 12 hostages who will be freed today - 10 Israelis and two Thais - in exchange for Palestinian prisoners from Israeli prisons and another 24 hours respite from the fighting.

Negotiators believe there are enough women and children still held captive by Hamas to extend the truce for another two days, before negotiations focus on the release of men and soldiers captured by Hamas during the October 7 attack on Israel. The director of Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Bill Burns, who traveled to the region to participate in discussions on the next steps of the truce between Israel and Hamas, discussed the issue with his counterparts, according to sources cited by the broadcaster.

Israel will "settle accounts" with Qatar after the end of mediation on the hostage exchange

Israel will "settle accounts" with Qatar after the latter has completed its role as mediator in the talks for the return of hostages held by the Palestinian Islamist movement Hamas in Gaza Strip, the Deputy Director General for Strategic Affairs of the Israeli Foreign Ministry announced today, Joshua Zarka, in an interview with Israeli Army Radio. “Qatar has played a negative role in everything related to hosting and legitimizing Hamas activities,” Zarka said, stressing: “When the world realizes this we will settle accounts with them.” However, “right now we need” Doha, explained the deputy director. Finally, when asked if Qatar knows Israel's intentions, Zarka replied: “I think they have no doubts on this issue (…) And we have no doubts that anyone who has been on the side of Hamas will be persecuted in every way possible ”.


An unspecified number of Palestinians were hit today in an attack blamed on the Israel Defense Forces (Idf) in the district of Tal al Hawa, in the south of Gaza City, in the exclave Palestinian. According to what the Qatari-owned pan-Arab satellite broadcaster "Al Jazeera" learned, the Palestinians were attacked as they tried to return to their homes. One of those shot said: “They shot at us. We must be able to at least take our personal belongings and clothes from our homes, so that we can protect ourselves from the cold in the shelters." This morning at dawn, Israeli naval ships had already opened fire with numerous projectiles against the coasts of Khan Yunis, Al Shati and Sheik Radwan in the Gaza Strip, violating the temporary truce currently in force.
Meanwhile, the reopening of the emergency room of Al Shifa hospital, in the north of the Gaza Strip, is scheduled for tomorrow, November 30th. According to Marwan Abu Sada, doctor at Al Shifa hospital, yesterday the hospital had "successfully carried out kidney dialysis" and invited "people to return for treatment". While the operating rooms and departments are not yet "ready to welcome new patients, we are nevertheless preparing the ground to receive more and more people", said Abu Sada, underlining the need to "repair the oxygen generators that were damaged during the 'Israeli incursion' into the hospital. However, the most important thing Al Shifa Hospital needs is fuel. Since the beginning of the ceasefire, last Friday, November 24, “nothing has arrived at the hospital. I believe that most of the medical aid is directed to hospitals in the south,” explained the doctor.

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