Lombardy 2023: the leaders of the sides take the field in Milan. Among the themes unity, autonomy and security

The center-right, in support of outgoing president Attilio Fontana, has lined up the leaders of their respective parties, from Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni to Silvio Berlusconi, Matteo Salvini and Maurizio Lupi

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There are five days left before the regional elections in Lombardy and today was the day in which the "Big" of the respective alignments moved in Milan: the centre-right, in support of the outgoing president Attilio Fontana, lined up the leaders of the respective parties, from the president of the Council Giorgia Meloni to Silvio Berlusconi, Matteo Salvini and Maurizio Lupi. The center-left, with the Democratic Party still busy with the congress, saw the political leader of the 5 Star Movement, Giuseppe Conte, arrive in Milan today. Since yesterday in Lombardy to support the candidate Pierfrancesco Majorino. From the center-right camp, all the leaders have given their reassurances: it is normal for there to be debates, but "there is an excellent climate and strong cohesion" in the majority, said Giorgia Meloni. “They will still try to divide us, to present the match on Sunday and Monday as an internal competition within the centre-right. But they won't succeed", remarked Berlusconi (defined by Meloni as "the best foreign minister Italy has ever had" who, in turn, reciprocated by saying ("I had Giorgia Meloni in the government and I grew fond of She is a person of absolute ability") while Salvini spoke of "One hundred days of government with allies or rather with friends, friends because Maurizio, Silvio and Giorgia are friends not just work colleagues".

In the center-left, Conte made his support felt for Majorino by saying that "he is playing his role well", "he is proceeding on the right path", he said, commenting on the list of names that the dem MEP presented yesterday as people he would like to be close to in case of victory, "names of personalities who are mostly an expression of civil society, of worlds of civic associations and I would say particularly qualified people", however, underlined the former prime minister, the agreement between the Democratic Party and Movimento 5 Stelle “was possible because they were willing to discuss concrete issues with us and without ideological schemes. We as a Movement are not willing to lower our bar which is very high". And, on a possible centre-left regional council (in which Majorino announced his intention to keep the health delegation to himself), he replied "now we are waiting to vote and win and then we will meet again around a table and obviously we will also make the our suggestions and our reasons”.

The criticism that came yesterday from the mayor of Milan, Giuseppe Sala, also entered the local debate, criticizing the government for the reduction of funds destined for the Municipalities which forced Palazzo Marino to cut summer camps "The government has done what it could to do, in a situation that is not easy: we could not have done more. I assured Mayor Sala that I will do my best to help out,” Meloni said at the end of a visit to the prefecture. "I leave with a certain level of optimism - was the mayor's response - the prime minister understood that we are not asking for the moon, but a measure that is not extremely burdensome for the government, at this moment it would really be a shame to have to cut essential services to a theme we have public transport. We're talking about fifty million, that's kind of the request. At the first possibility in my opinion it will be a matter of a couple of months ”. A meeting, the one in the prefecture, which had security as its theme to talk about, Meloni said, "of an initiative that started from three important cities, Milan, Rome and Naples, with a blanket presence of "interforce" controls that is giving excellent results: over 40 people were checked on 16 January in the respective stations, with also the identification and expulsion of 115 irregular foreigners. They are not spot initiatives, we also spoke with the sidnaco of Milan to give continuity to the presence of structures that can make the places around the station better experienced. A very serious work of recovering the presence of the institutions begins".

“The positive news – explained Sala – is what we have already seen in the Central station, in the sense that there have been interventions in the last twenty days with 200 police officers, perhaps temporarily but for an important service. So there's a good sensitivity from this point of view. I keep insisting. The first intervention was made on January 16th, what I am urging is that we must go on, so I think the words of the premier mean that for three months she will never go on with these continuous checks which are very useful. There is this intention, on the one hand, to carry on this garrison activity in a critical place such as the central station. I'm asking you to pay attention to places like Corso Como and Porta Nuova, it must be done calmly and calmly without showing anything". However, national issues were also included in the day, such as the case of the anarchist Cospito, autonomy and the environment. On the first, calls for firmness came from all the leaders: according to the Premier "when the first measure of this government was to save the impediment prison, that is, one of the most effective tools in the fight against the mafia, the message we gave was that surely the mafia could not deal with us. As with us, anarchists and those who think they are threatening us cannot deal, because a serious state does not back down and enforces the rules".

On the second, Berlusconi remarked that "we have come to define autonomy after a mediation that we strongly wanted, an upward mediation, not a downward one, because what we want is that everyone is more guaranteed". Also on the table is the environmental issue and, in particular, incinerators: Today going to build an incinerator is a completely outdated thing, because ... it becomes unsustainable even from a financial point of view. As far as Lombardy is concerned, “we are in favor of gradually decommissioning the older incineration plants by 2030. There is a plan to decommission the older ones and obviously not to allow the construction of new ones”. “We will defeat the professionals who say no at all costs, those who want nothing, don't want roads, waste-to-energy plants, nuclear power plants and bridges. We want a country that travels fast and safe ”, was Salvini's reply.

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