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Lithuania-Italy: the fourth edition of the bilateral business forum in Vilnius today

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The fourth edition of the Italo-Lithuanian Business Forum, aimed at strengthening bilateral economic and technological cooperation and encouraging meetings between operators, entrepreneurs and institutions of the two countries, within the framework of the common commitment to use EU funds for post-Covid relaunch, development renewable energy, sustainable transport, the "green deal" and innovation. The event, attended by the Minister for Economy and Innovation Ausrine Armonaite, the Deputy Ministers of Economy Markeviciutė, of Energy Garbaliauskaite and of Transport and Communications Skackauskas, numerous entities, institutions and entrepreneurs of the two countries, is opened by the ambassador of Italy to Lithuania Diego Ungaro who supported the need for "Italy and Lithuania to work together in order to make the best use of the funds made available by the European Union through the Recovery Plan", noting that "the challenges that both Countries will have to face in the near future they are part of an international framework made complicated by the persistence of the Covid-19 pandemic, by the consequences of the Russian aggression in Ukraine and by the energy crisis ”. The head of the representation of the European Commission in the country Marius Vascega and the director of the European Investment Bank Marco Francini also participate.

The aim of the interventions and presentations that take place during the business forum is to discuss the best ways to face these new challenges and identify and develop new projects and opportunities for cooperation. On the Italian side, Ansaldo Energia will participate with a presentation on possible solutions for Lithuania's energy needs, Rizzani de Eccher, contractor for the new railway bridge project over the Neris river, and Rose Smart Energy Platform / Renewable Energy Communities digitalization. On the Lithuanian side, on the other hand, the interventions of the Head of Innovation Group of the Ministry of Energy, of the Litgrid company, of the Ignitis group, which manages the electricity transmission grid of Lithuania, of the head of the Center for Hydrogen energy Technology of the Lithuanian Institute for Energy and the President of the Confederation of Lithuanian Industrialists.

Also for this fourth edition there is great attention to the event organized by the Italian Embassy in Vilnius by the Lithuanian institutional authorities and entrepreneurs of the two countries and not only managers, representatives and prominent exponents of Italian and Lithuanian companies are present but also journalists and diplomats. The IV Italo-Lithuanian business forum, which ends with a networking lunch, is confirmed as a fruitful moment of meeting and exchange and an opportunity to present and relaunch business projects and economic cooperation between the two countries.

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