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Iran: 44 dead in clashes in Sistan and Balochistan

This was reported by the television broadcaster linked to the opposition "Iran International"

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At least 44 people lost their lives today in clashes between protesters and Iranian security forces. This was reported by the television broadcaster linked to the opposition "Iran International". Violent clashes between protesters and Iranian security forces took place today in the city of Kash, in the southeastern Sunni-majority province of Sistan and Balochistan, and in Isfahan. in central Iran. The non-governmental organization “Amnesty Iran” published talked about at least ten dead and several injured in Kash. A video posted on social networks some young demonstrators fall to the ground injured or killed after the security forces fired on the crowd. According to Iranian state media, some demonstrators attacked the Khash governor's office and set fire to a police car. Even in Zahedan, the capital of the province of Sistan and Baluchistan, on the border with Pakistan and Afghanistan, demonstrators took to the streets after Friday prayers chanting "Death to Khamenei" and "Death to the dictator".

Meanwhile, today, an important Iranian Sunni cleric, Abdul Hamid Ismail Zhi, asked the Shiite leadership of the country to organize a referendum to respond to the demands of independence from the government of Tehran of the people of Sistan and Balochistan. "Most people are not happy," said the cleric during his sermon in the city of Zahedan, the epicenter of the protests of the Baloch community in recent weeks. "We need to hold a referendum in the presence of international observers and accept the result," said the Sunni religious leader, addressing the Iranian Shiite clergy. "You cannot push back a nation that has been protesting on the streets for the past 50 days by killing, imprisoning and beating it," said the Sunni Imam of Zahedan.

The wave of protests that began after the death on September 16 of the 22-year-old Kurd, Mahsa Amini, for not wearing the veil correctly, has strongly shaken the power system of the Republic of Ayatollahs born after the Islamic Revolution of 1979. In the protests the slogan is now constant "Death to the dictator" in reference to the supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and calls for the overthrow of the Islamic Republic. The protest movement continues to affect all 31 provinces of Iran on an almost daily basis, despite a ferocious repression by the security forces that cost an estimated 270 people dead. Dozens of members of the security forces, notably members of the Basij paramilitary force, were also killed in clashes with demonstrators or in targeted attacks.

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