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Pnrr, Gava: “The sustainable development of ports is among the objectives”

"There are over 70 offshore wind projects under consideration by the Via Commission with which we will probably exceed the objective set by the Pniec of over 2Gw of power by 2030"

China accuses the United States: Huawei's servers have been hacked for years

Last week the spokeswoman for the Foreign Ministry referred to rumors regarding the discovery of alleged security breaches

South China Sea: Beijing has built two ground-based satellite stations on the disputed reefs

The aim is to ensure the "ecological protection of the islands and safer and more reliable navigation for ships"

The Saudi Central Bank launches the first program against computer fraud

The program, which will last three months, aims to strengthen Saudi Arabia's national capabilities through the participation of a group of employees of the Central Bank and local banks in a specialized training course

Tlc: Vodafone best operator in Italy for the quality of the mobile network in Italy

The operator reaches 36.392 points, leading the others by approximately 11 thousand, with an improvement of 21 percent compared to the previous year

Sardinia: green light from the Territorial Government Commission for the remodulation of the Infrastructure Plan

The provision concerns the following sectors: public residential buildings, roads, dams, soil protection and combating hydro-geological risk

Saudi ACI opens its first office for Asia-Pacific and the Middle East

During the inauguration ceremony, the Saudi Minister of Transport. Al Jasser said that the opening of the office will help expand opportunities in the aviation market and enhance the interests of member airports in the global council

Germany, Interior Minister Faeser wants a stop to Chinese 5G components from 2026

The "total" ban affects all Huawei and ZTE components, both those already installed in the past and those recently mounted

Bridge over the Strait, Pichetto: “Start of preliminary operations by mid-2024”

The minister: "We have identified the most effective ways, within the existing regulatory framework, to ensure the completion of the Via-Vas procedures under the responsibility of the Ministry of the Environment"

Acs acquires 100 percent of the SH-288 highway in Texas for 384 million euros

The group led by Florentino Perez has committed to selling 56 percent of the capital of this important Houston artery

Latest news

Jerusalem: security officer stabbed

The assailant, a Palestinian whose identity is not known, was neutralized by gunfire

Rome: the fight against "Bicycle Thieves", 75 years after the famous film, the "Bike boxes" in the station

A total of two thousand small garages will arrive in 40 stations of the capital, with a small door to be locked and the use of which has no cost for public transport users who subscribe to the service

Karabakh, Armenian separatists announce: "Ready to continue peace talks with Azerbaijan"

The Armenian Prime Minister: "The country is preparing to welcome 40 thousand families from the region"

Zelensky meets members of the US House: “Ukraine is grateful for all the support”

“We have achieved much together to safeguard democracy, freedom and dignity, values ​​shared by both our nations"

The US strategy for normalizing relations between Saudi Arabia and Israel

The agreement between Riyadh and Tel Aviv, mediated by the United States, could restore a new and unprecedented structure to the Middle East, limit Beijing's influence in the region and stem Iran's nuclear development

Other news

Middle East, Abbas: "Those who imagine peace without the Palestinians enjoying their rights are wrong"

The president of the Palestinian National Authority at the United Nations: "Thirty years after the Oslo Accords, we have confidence that the UN can enforce the resolutions, with East Jerusalem as the capital and with the creation of a Palestinian state within the 1967 borders ”

Middle East: Over 2022 Palestinians left West Bank in 1.110 due to settler violence

This is what we read in a report published by the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs

Ukraine, Biden announces a new military aid package. Thirty US Republicans oppose: "No to...

The parliamentarians contest that the government has made an "indefinite commitment" towards Kiev, without having "a clear strategy"

USA, a group of Republican parliamentarians contests the sending of new weapons to Ukraine

The document, addressed to the White House, was signed by 23 deputies and six senators

Rome, via Gianicolense like a torrent: traffic problems

The water, almost certainly coming from the rupture of a pipe, transformed the lane into a torrent and created fear among motorists