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In Friuli Venezia Giulia Fedriga wins with 64 percent, he is the first re-elected president of the Region

The outgoing governor, supported by Lega, Fratelli d'Italia and Forza Italia, detached by more than 30 points the candidate of the Democratic Party and the Five Star Movement, Massimo Moretuzzo, who stopped at 28,4 percent

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Massimiliano Fedriga he will be the first president of Friuli Venezia Giulia to govern for two consecutive terms. The regional elections confirmed the forecasts: the outgoing governor, supported by the Lega, Fratelli d'Italia and Forza Italia, won with 64 percent of the votes, beating the candidate of the Democratic Party and the Five Star Movement by more than 30 points. Massimo Moretuzzo, which stopped at 28,4 percent. Surprise Georgia Tripoli, supported by "Together free", a list inspired by the no vax - it includes, among others, Italexit for Italy, Movimento 3V, Gilet Arancioni, Popolo della Famiglia - surpassed the third pole, obtaining 4,68 for one hundred votes. Alexander Maran, supported by Action, Italia viva, +Europa and Renew Europe, stopped at 2,72 percent.

If the outcome of the vote was expected, not so the weight of the individual lists. At 21, when there are just 30 sections left to scrutinize, the League is the first party in the coalition, with 19 percent. Added to the Fedriga list as president, which alone obtained 17 percent, it is close to 67 percent. “It is a result beyond all wildest expectations. I had given myself the hope, rather than the objective, of reaching 37 per cent", said Fedriga at the press conference, who immediately dismissed the hypothesis of tensions with respect to a rebalancing of internal weights on the centre-right: "All the political forces of centre-right have had excellent results, strengthening the entire coalition. The League had an extraordinary result, Fratelli d'Italia had an excellent result (18 percent), even compared to the numbers of 2018, Forza Italia held (6,68 percent), so I think everyone can be happy”.

Fedriga focuses on five years in continuity with the previous ones. The goal he clarifies is to work on a long-term vision. “I would like – she said – for the new mandate to be characterized, like the previous one, by a job done on a daily basis, without easy promises, which can plan work in the long term. We have tried to demonstrate that it is possible to administer with perspective, looking at the next 10 and 20 years and not at the next electoral deadline". The members of the new Regional Council they will be chosen not by weighing the votes obtained by the single parties, but by the specific skills. "We have seen in these five years that the skills and ability to act are fundamental and protect not only government action, but the entire majority," he added.

The result of the vote is also clear in the centre-left. The Democratic Party won 16,5 percent of the votes, the Five Star Movement stopped at 2,41 percent. The mobilization solicited in a sort of relay between Trieste and Udine, first by the secretary of the Democratic Party, Elly Schlein, and then by the president of the Five Star Movement, Giuseppe Conte, it wasn't enough. At five in the afternoon, the Pd and M5s candidate had already called Fedriga to congratulate him on the victory. In the end, the coalition led by Moretuzzo stopped at 28,4 percent. “It was a complicated match, but we did our best,” admitted the secretary of the Pact for Autonomy. “We have shown that it is possible to work in a credible way and by bringing together sensitivities that seemed different and irreconcilable and which instead have managed to follow a shared path, using a common language and proposals,” he explained.

The Third Pole remains outside the regional council, also surpassed by the no-vax and no-green pass list "Together free". “A project of this type needs time, to take root and to build a real party. In a context like this in which the Region was not contestable, it is evident that the appeal even towards an electorate of opinion may be less effective and it is probable that it has also conditioned participation in the vote", said Maran, immediately after the first projections that gave the list Action, Italia viva, +Europa and Renew Europe at risk of blockage. The goal was to be able to send "a patrol capable of influencing the choices" to the Regional Council and begin to build one step at a time that "house of reformists" which brought Action, Italia viva and +Europe to Italy for the first time to run together in an election.

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