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Caivano: the journey of the parliamentary commission of inquiry, important changes underway

“The State, in terms of legality, regularity and control and protection of the territory, will not retreat an inch”, this is the message from the president of the Commission, MP Andrea Battilocchio


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After "decades of abandonment", this time "the State has decided to show its face", ensuring a work to reclaim the territories from degradation and organized crime. The parliamentary commission of inquiry into the security conditions and state of degradation of cities and their suburbs and into the infiltration of organized crime into public administration stops at Caivano and before that in Naples.

The message is clear and the President of the Commission, the MEP Andrea Battilocchio, he repeats it both on the occasion of the meeting with the mayor of Naples Gaetano Manfredi, both on the sidelines of the confrontation with the prefect of Naples Claudius Palomba, and at the end of the meeting with priests and school directors in Caivano: "The State, in terms of legality, regularity and control and protection of the territory, will not retreat an inch." The challenge must be won by redeveloping the suburbs. If the recovery process has already begun in Caivano, in the city of Naples the foundations are being laid for the launch of a special plan. Manfredi “gave us many ideas” during the meeting Palazzo San Giacomo, which is why the mayor was asked for his "availability to be heard at a hearing". “The hearing will be scheduled and will be held between the end of the year and the beginning of 2024,” Battilocchio added. Manfredi showed the Commission the work that the Municipality is already doing on the suburbs and, as explained to the press, asked for "support for the financing of our projects and a series of interventions, including regulatory ones, to simplify housing regularisation, all the major issues of reclamations". “Obviously – said Manfredi – there is also a need for regulatory interventions, we have found great availability and we are moving forward”.

In Caivano Battilocchio and the representatives of the Commission met school directors and priests of the area, accompanied by Don Maurizio Patriciello, free consultant of the Commission. “The negative data found – highlighted Battilocchio – is the exceptional delay with which we start to redevelop Caivano. There have been too many decades during which the territory has been abandoned." But today, Battilocchio added, "there is an indispensable desire for legality". And "there is a State that is showing its face like never before" and that wants to "give an immediate signal to make everyone understand that free zones cannot exist and that in terms of legality they won't give up an inch" . According to Battilocchio, "important changes are already underway".

The objective it is "to achieve normal results, therefore normal transport, a functioning education system, acceptable safety conditions". An important job that could only be the beginning of a broader redevelopment process. “On Caivano there is an extraordinary commitment from the State, through a specific decree which provides ad hoc resources, specific procedures, important institutional synergies and the involvement of all the entities present within the community”, added Battilocchio. “We are observing the decree with great attention, because it can represent a model of action to be exported to other areas of our country that have problems and critical issues similar to those of Caivano”.

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