Peru's president Pedro Castillo has named Betssy Chavez as the new prime minister

The former culture minister replaces Aníbal Torres, who resigned after losing the confidence of the Andean parliament

The president of Peru, Pedro Castillo, he appointed Betsy Chavez as the new prime minister. Chavez, who until today had held the post of culture minister, replaces Aníbal Torres, who resigned after losing the confidence of the Andean parliament. The woman, who has already taken the oath in the hands of the head of state, will therefore be the fifth prime minister at the start of the Castillo administration, in July 2021. In the next few hours, the president of the republic will also indicate the new composition of the rest of the government, reset following Torres' resignation.

The premier's resignation came after Congress, Peru's unicameral parliament, rejected the confidence issue presented by Torres himself on the derogation from the law that limits citizens' direct participation in politics through referendums. "After this express refusal and after accepting the resignation of the Prime Minister, whom I thank for his concern and for his work, I will renew the Cabinet," Castillo said in an address to the nation.

Anibal Torres took office last February and was Peru's fourth prime minister since President Castillo took office in July 2021. With just over nine months in office, Torres was the longest-serving prime minister in the Peruvian executive since Pedro Castillo was sworn in as president. His predecessor, Guido Bellido, had remained in office for just over two months. Mirtha Vasquez had previously led the executive for almost three months. The first to fill office under Castillo, Hector Valer, had spent less than a week in office.

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