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The Constitutional Court saves the obligation of the vaccine for doctors

The Consulta deemed inadmissible "the question relating to the impossibility, for operators of the health professions who have not fulfilled the vaccination obligation, to carry out their work, when it does not involve interpersonal contacts"
Biden mid-term elections

Biden: "The anti-inflation package will not be to the detriment of Europe"

“The goal has never been to exclude countries that collaborate with us, but to ensure that the United States is no longer in a position to depend on other countries for supplies of strategic supplies”
giancarlo giorgetti

Minister Giorgetti: "With the manoeuvre, the government has acknowledged the reality"

"I believe that this budget law has done what had to be done with a sense of responsibility, that is, keeping all fronts together"

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Covid, Minister Schillaci: "Hospitalizations and intensive care below the guard levels"

"We are in an endemic phase and this has allowed us to recover spaces of freedom and the choice is to show a return to normal in safety"

Indonesia: a cough syrup causes almost 200 deaths

A dozen families have launched a collective action against the government and the companies accused of putting the medicine into circulation
rail transport

The US Senate votes on a law to avoid the railway strike of 9 December

The agreement provides for a 24 percent increase in payroll by 2024, and greater flexibility to allow workers to request a day off to carry out a medical examination

Europe moves on semiconductors: Chips Act directive approved to reduce dependence on Asia

With the new measures, the EU wants to double its share of the global semiconductor market, from 10 percent to at least 20 percent by 2030
"Zero removal" approved

In Rome there is a festive atmosphere: on weekends free museums, skating rinks and Christmas villages

After the inauguration of the Trident illuminations, which color part of the historic centre, this weekend the doors will open to the Christmas Villages, ice rinks and events for adults and children

The nurse who raped the trainee at the Umberto I in Rome tried to buy her silence

After the violence, the 55-year-old said to the victim: "Since you've been good, I'll add you to paid assistance". A way to buy her silence, promising to facilitate her shifts, inserting her in those in which she would be paid

Rome: Food bank, +30 per cent of requests for help but with the high cost of living there are fewer donations

The high cost of living is having a double effect on inequalities: on the one hand, the range of needy people who turn to third sector entities is expanding, on the other, the increases in energy costs are causing a contraction in food donations

Waste: Rome's waste-to-energy plant in Santa Palomba, operational by the summer of 2026

The estimated investment, according to the rumors circulated so far, is around 700 million euros to which is added an allocation, up to a maximum of 40 million from the municipal budget, for the structures that will serve on the one hand to reduce emissions and on the other hand to recycle and place residual materials on the market
Arab news

World Cup 2022 in Qatar

Cuor d'Africa
Ten ideas for the relaunch of the country - The digital book as a gift for the 20 years of Agenzia Nova
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