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GDP, Minister Giorgetti: "The economy will regain momentum in 2023"

"The pessimism prevailing today on the prospects of the international economy, in particular for the Italian one, does not seem acceptable"
electricity and gas

The gas bill increased by 13,7 percent for consumption in November

Gas expenditure for the typical household in the rolling year (between 2021 December 30 and 2022 November 1.740) is approximately 63,7 euros, +12 per cent compared to the equivalent 2020 months of the previous year (30 December 2021 - November XNUMX, XNUMX)

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Covid: in Italy 227.440 cases in seven days, positivity at 17,2 percent

The swabs processed were 1.324.969, +3,8 percent compared to the previous seven days, with a drop in positivity rate of 17,2 percent compared to 17,9 percent last week

Policlinico Gemelli: disability impacts the whole existence of the person and his family

The greatest revolution is that of having understood that people with disabilities are not bearers of needs but of rights

Energy: EU sources, new proposal from the Czech presidency on gas price ceilings

According to what we read in the document, which "Agenzia Nova" has read, the "market correction mechanism" would be activated when the threshold of 264 euros is exceeded for five consecutive days on the Amsterdam TTF market

Musumeci: "The closure of Lukoil averted, success of the Meloni government"

The Minister for Civil Protection and Marine Policies writes it on Twitter
rail transport

The US Senate votes on a law to avoid the railway strike of 9 December

The agreement provides for a 24 percent increase in payroll by 2024, and greater flexibility to allow workers to request a day off to carry out a medical examination

Europe moves on semiconductors: Chips Act directive approved to reduce dependence on Asia

With the new measures, the EU wants to double its share of the global semiconductor market, from 10 percent to at least 20 percent by 2030
"Zero removal" approved

Lazio 2023: Fd'I ready to close on Colosimo but Rocca prices rise in the center-right

"90 percent of it ends with Colosimo", some sources tell "Agenzia Nova". The last word belongs to the prime minister and leader of the Brothers of Italy, Giorgia Meloni

Rome: + 30 percent of new poor, is alarming for the shortage of food parcels

The gap between requests for help and the reduction in the amount of food available concerns the entire national territory. The food bank is sounding the alarm

The waste-to-energy plant in Rome opens in 2026, and controversy is mounting

The announcement came yesterday from the mayor Roberto Gualtieri, at the same time as the signing of the deed that starts the procedure for the expression of interest

On Wednesday von der Leyen will meet Mattarella in Milan

This was stated by the spokesman of the European Commission, Eric Mamer, during the usual daily press conference in Brussels
Arab news

World Cup 2022 in Qatar

Cuor d'Africa
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