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The price of electricity is collapsing: in the second quarter - 55,3 per cent for protected bills

The performance of the energy markets saw wholesale gas prices drop sharply in the current quarter
paolo gentiloni

EU, Gentiloni: "The easing of state aid risks increasing differences"

"Competitiveness must be supported with new common instruments such as the European Sovereignty Fund"

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From Poland to Galeazzi-Sant'Ambrogio in Milan to correct a scoliosis defined as inoperable

A very serious scoliosis which strongly impacts the quality of life of a 17-year-old Polish boy and which, if left untreated, would have caused him serious respiratory problems

Telephone Amico Italia: requests for support more than doubled in the last three years

Over 110 requests for support in 2022 alone, with a sharp increase in contacts from young people and a clear growth trend

German intelligence director: "Russia will use all methods to increase its influence"...

"It is foreseeable that Moscow will expand its espionage activities on German territory, we must be prepared for this, we are on the same level as in the Cold War"

Ethiopia: peace deal, prosecutors drop terrorism charges against Tigrinya leaders

The Justice Ministry said the review falls "in the context of transitional justice" launched after the peace agreement signed by the government and Tigrinya fighters last November 2 in Pretoria

Serbian state body: since the beginning of the year, 49 million euros collected thanks to the export of electricity

The result is due to a relatively mild winter, a good hydrological situation and the readiness of the thermal power plants

The Council and the European Parliament reach an agreement on the Renewable Energy Directive

The goal is to bring the share of renewable energy in the EU's overall energy consumption to 42,5 per cent by 2030, with a further indicative top-up of 2,5 per cent which would make it possible to reach 45 per cent

Iveco and Hedin Mobility Group announce the transfer of commercial activities to the Nordic countries

The Iveco Group range of commercial vehicles is currently sold and serviced in the Nordic countries through 39 dealerships and more than 100 workshops

Sardinia: call for tenders for the infrastructure of the bulk terminal in the port channel of Cagliari

The intervention involves the execution of primary urbanization works on approximately 280 thousand square meters of yards
Regional Council of Piedmont

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From Expo to the 2026 Olympics: opportunities and risks for Milan

"We must be good at not losing the social and environmental balance" said Giancarlo Tancredi, councilor for urban regeneration of the municipality during the meeting "Promoting sustainability through large infrastructure works"

Comics, music and auteur cinema: the weekend in Rome is full of events

Romics, the Asian Film Festival and the thirteenth edition of the Rendez-Vous among the most awaited events of the weekend in the Capital
water crisis

In Lombardy, the water deficit is at an all-time high. Fontana: "The situation is difficult"

"As the Lombardy Region, since December, we have focused on actions aimed at caution and 'saving' water resources. The absence of rainfall continues to not help us", said the president of the Region

Waste: Gualtieri receives EU support for Rome's waste-to-energy plant

"There are several debates on Rome's incinerator, or waste-to-energy plant. The European Commission does not oppose it, because all the big European cities have it. What must be considered are the dimensions of the plant, which cannot be such as to kill the development of separate waste collection"
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