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From Alghero to Turin: life-saving flight for a 42-day-old baby

A Falcon 900 aircraft of the 31st Wing of the Air Force embarked the little patient inside a thermal cradle, accompanied by her mother, a doctor and a nurse

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An aircraft has landed at the Turin-Caselle airport F of the 31st Wing of the Italian Air Force. The aircraft performed, on the Alghero-Turin section, the emergency medical transport of a 42-day-old baby girl in imminent danger of life, according to an Air Force press release. The child, previously hospitalized at the University Hospital of Sassari, needed specific life-saving treatments and it is for this reason that the Prefecture of Sassari requested the immediate and timely intervention of the Air Force to allow the hospitalization of the little girl at the Maria Vittoria Hospital in Turin, must be able to receive specific medical treatment.

The flight mission was carried out by an Air Force crew in emergency response at Ciampino military airport. It is from here that the Falcon 900 took off around 13 pm for Alghero airport, where it landed around 15 pm and was thus able to embark the little patient inside a thermal cradle, accompanied from his mom, a doctor and a nurse. Leaving from Alghero around 14 pm, the plane landed in Turin around 00 pm where an ambulance, waiting for the little girl, immediately transported her to the destination hospital. The Falcon 14 subsequently returned to Ciampino, resuming operational readiness for the benefit of the community. Emergency transport of today was requested by the Prefecture of Sassari and was activated on the recommendation of the Top Situation Room of the Air Force Air Squad Command which has, among its duties, also that of managing this type of emergency.

Through its flight departments, the Air Force provides means and crews ready to take off at any time and able to operate even in complex weather conditions to ensure the urgent transport not only of people in imminent danger of life, often children, just as happened today, but also of organs and transplant medical teams. Hundreds of flight hours are carried out every year for this kind of intervention by Air Force aircraft, in particular by the 31st Wing of Ciampino, the 14th Wing of Pratica di Mare, the 46th Air Brigade of Pisa and the helicopters of the 15th Wing of Cervia, the latter recently engaged in constant support to the population of Emilia-Romagna, severely hit by the heavy floods.

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