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Finnish Prime Minister Marin: "Helsinki and Stockholm together for NATO membership"

"Sweden is Finland's closest partner in EU politics and we have very similar views on strengthening Europe's economy and competitiveness"

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Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin today she went on a visit to Stockholm, at the invitation of her Swedish counterpart Ulf Kristersson. The discussion focused on the EU economy and competitiveness, other current European issues, Russia's war against Ukraine and the joint process of NATO membership of Finland and Sweden. Marin and Kristersson discussed how the EU can support investment in the green transition and competitiveness of industry, support for Ukraine and migration, which are also on the agenda of next week's extraordinary European Council . “Sweden is Finland's closest partner in EU politics and we have very similar views on strengthening Europe's economy and competitiveness. As the country holding the presidency of the EU Council, Sweden plays a key role in finding solutions to these problems and Finland will give Sweden its full support,” said Marin.

“We will continue to proceed together as we have done so far. Finland and Sweden are part of the same security environment. The approval of our NATO memberships as soon as possible is in the interest of Finland, Sweden and the whole Alliance. Now we must remain united and consistent,” the premier said. “I don't like that Sweden is portrayed as the 'problem child' in the classroom. This is not the case. Sweden meets all the parameters related to what is required to become a NATO member,” Marin added. Kristersson explained that he understands the Finnish frustration. “I totally understand that, so I don't think it's strange that there is this option, but I appreciate that Finland wants to go hand in hand with Sweden,” the prime minister said at a press conference.

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