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Energy: agreement between Algeria and Djibouti to strengthen bilateral cooperation

Based on this agreement, the energy cooperation activities between the two countries revolve around the exchange of information, technological knowledge and experience in the field of research and intensification of the exploration and exploitation of hydrocarbons, natural gas and mines

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A memorandum of understanding was signed yesterday in Algiers between Algeria and Djibouti, aimed at strengthening cooperation between the two countries in various fields of energy and the mining sector. The memorandum was signed by the Minister of Energy and Mines of Algeria, Mohammad Arkab, and by its counterpart in Djibouti, Younes Ali Gedi, in the presence of the general managers of the Algerian companies Sonatrach and Sonelgaz and other sector managers. Based on this agreement, the energy cooperation activities between the two countries revolve around the exchange of information, technological knowledge and experience on research and intensification of exploration and exploitation of hydrocarbons, natural gas and mines, as well as on technical assistance to conduct studies, design and implementation of technical projects in the hydrocarbon, natural gas, electricity and mining sectors.

This bilateral cooperation also includes the sector of services related to the hydrocarbon sector, such as the exploration, production, refining, supply, storage and distribution of petroleum substances. The agreement also envisages the establishment of cooperation between Sonatrach and the Djibouti International Oil Company and also envisages the study of cooperation opportunities in the field of production, transmission and distribution of electricity and the supply of spare parts for power plants and electrical equipment and of gas, in addition to the exchange of experiences in the field of geological and mining research between the research centers of the two countries.

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