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US military

South Korea: drug searches at US military bases, two arrests

The operation was triggered by intelligence information provided by the Criminal Investigation Division of the United States Army

China may soon formalize the arrest of a Japanese citizen for espionage

The man under arrest since the beginning of March is an employee of the pharmaceutical company Astellas Pharma

Taiwan: new sortie by China with 20 planes and seven warships

Since the beginning of the month, Beijing has sent more than 380 military aircraft and over 137 warships near the island

Burkina Faso: the Legislative Assembly unanimously approves the sending of troops to Niger

Burkina Faso and Mali are among the few countries that supported Niger's military junta

The "drone war" lands in Sudan, Kiev forces carry out raids against pro-Wagner militias

At least eight of the attacks analyzed occurred using commercial drone models widely used by Ukraine

Russia: the man who poisoned the Russian military's water arrested

According to law enforcement, the man has "radical views on the political course of Russia" and is "ready to support the Ukrainian armed forces", which is why he contacted them

Nigeria: 69 arrested for participating in a same-sex wedding released on bail

Over 200 people were arrested in late August in a police raid

Zelensky urges Trump: “Explain your idea for peace for Ukraine”

“He can share his idea publicly even now, without wasting time, without confusing people”

Latest news

From VAT to incentives on first homes. This is what the Energy decree provides

The measure is expected in the Council of Ministers on Monday
Orazio Schillaci

Covid, Schillaci: “Our priority is to protect the fragile”

"Recommendations are being studied that will allow you to go to school peacefully, without returning to the restrictive measures of the past, which are no longer necessary"

Armenia, protests in Yerevan: opposition party leader Tevanyan arrested

Since Tuesday, due to the developments in the situation in Nagorno-Karabakh, groups of protesters have gathered near the Armenian government building and the Russian embassy

Budget law, Galli (Observatory on public accounts): "Interests eliminate the maneuver"

"We are paying the consequences of the aid measures, which are often sacrosanct, throughout the pandemic period"

Migrants, Minniti: "Italy presents a European plan to stabilize Africa"

"Italy has a historical-political mission which is to lead the way for a new relationship between Europe and Africa"

Other news

Grillo: “The Democratic Party has no imagination and Schlein doesn't leave his mark”

The opinion on Conte was positive: "We needed to go beyond the Vaffa line"

Ukraine, Zelensky surprise visit to Canada. Trudeau promises 'unconditional support'

Ottawa is home to the second largest Ukrainian diaspora in the world after Russia, with approximately 1,4 million people of Ukrainian origin on its territory

Syria: contacts between US politicians and the Druze leader to support the ongoing protests in Suwayda

Among the slogans chanted by the demonstrators, those praising the resignation of the Syrian president, Bashar al Assad, have gradually become the majority

The Washington Post reveals: China exploited the pandemic to collect global genetic data

In addition to detecting coronavirus infections by analyzing fragments of the virus, the portable laboratory developed by Beijing is capable of carrying out complex analyzes of the human genome

Tremonti: "There are no conspiracies against the executive"

"Economic and social conditions are deteriorating across Europe"