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Covid, Conte: "Judicial checks are welcome, I offer maximum collaboration"

"I won't shy away from any questions, but don't expect media shows from me"

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"The Bergamo story brings to mind a particularly dramatic moment in our history" today there is "a collective removal", but at the onset of Covid in Italy "we built a path and I believe I acted with the utmost humility in the confrontation with the experts who, too, did not exhibit scientific certainties, at least in the initial part of the pandemic". The president of the Five Star Movement said it, Giuseppe Conte, in a press point at the end of the M5s National Council. "The judicial checks are welcome", "I am absolutely available to offer the maximum collaboration in the judicial offices that will be offered to me", also to "honor the 188 dead throughout the national territory, a wound that will remain as a tragedy in our history ”, he added and then concluded: “I will not evade any questions, but do not expect media shows from me”.

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© Agenzia Nova - Reproduction reserved


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