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Cop28, Meloni: “Made steps forward. I have no preclusions on nuclear power"

On the Crosetto case, the Prime Minister underlined that there is not "a clash between politics and the judiciary" but that the problem, in a small part of the judiciary, is to believe that "the measures of some governments which are not in line, perhaps with a certain vision of the world, must be opposed"

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From our correspondent in Dubai – In this Cop28 “concrete steps forward” have been made which “demonstrate the countries' sense of responsibility. It is the most attended COP ever as heads of state and government”. The Prime Minister said it, Giorgia Meloni, in a press point after his speech at the COP28 plenary session in Dubai. “Some objectives are concrete – he added -. I think the Emirati presidency should be congratulated, there is no denying that it was a success."

Il nuclear it is an issue “on which we must be programmatic and not ideological. I have no preclusions on any technology that also leads to diversification. The Italian challenge is on nuclear fusion which could be the solution to all energy problems and crises tomorrow,” he added.

On the stability pact: “At this time I would avoid comments because we are proceeding with very detailed discussions which we hope will lead to solutions in the interest of the European Union. We want and are ambitious, just as the EU must be. We must build a reform on the Stability and Growth Pact that is respectable, that is, it is possible to respect it by seeking a synthesis between different points of view,” he added.

On the Crosetto case, the prime minister underlined that she doesn't think there is "a clash between policy e judiciary” but that the problem, in a small part of the judiciary, is to believe that “the measures of some governments that are not in line, perhaps with a certain vision of the world, must be opposed”. “I frankly found it a bit out of proportion to say that the constitutional reform had an anti-democratic drift – explained the Prime Minister -. It doesn't mean opening a clash between one world and another world, it means pointing out where there are things that objectively are a little out of line. But I think that we should then see how since the beginning of our government we have worked to strengthen the work of the judiciary", recalled Meloni.

Regarding the Cospito case, the Prime Minister explained that "the magistrates believe that Delmastro should be sent to trial, while the prosecutor twice asked to dismiss the case. I would say to wait for a final sentence to define him guilty,” she concluded.

On the reform of the premiership: “I did not see Gianni Letta's statements as words of contrast. Some of them are shareable, some of them are not. As I see it, it is normal that a reform of the prize winner as we are doing serves to strengthen the government: not the powers of the government, but the stability of the executive, which means strengthening the strategic choices of governments", he added Meloni, who reiterated that the reform does not limit the powers of the President of the Republic in any way. “The reform was written in such a way as not to affect the powers of the head of state,” concluded the prime minister.

And on the end of protected market he explained: “I can understand that the Democratic Party has decided that it did something wrong but before explaining to me how to resolve it because they don't apologise: you can't pretend that things were right before and when another government arrives they become wrong. Before my ally Salvini, those who put the reform of the protected market in place asked me to do something - said the Prime Minister - The end of the protected market was established by the Renzi-Gentiloni governments and voted by the then majority of Draghi government. The issue has become "thorny". “In agreement with the European Commission we are trying to understand above all how to prevent bills from increasing and this interests me”, concluded the Prime Minister.

The speech at this morning's plenary session

"It is a key moment in our effort to contain the increase in temperatures: the goal remains very distant, COP28 must be a turning point". The Prime Minister said it Giorgia Meloni in his speech at the plenary session, in the second part of the high-level Heads of State and Government segment of the summit Cop28 ongoing at Dubai. “We are asked to act in a concrete way by increasing efficiency and capacity by 2030. Italy is doing its part in the decarbonisation process with an approach free from fundamentalism,” added Meloni. And then, the Prime Minister continued: “Italy has decided to invest resources by focusing on global biofuel: we have traced the path to carbon neutrality by 2050. It is necessary to try to arrive at a ecological transition not ideological.

And then: “We are here today not for us but for those who come after: this defines the value of our leadership”. The Italian Prime Minister then reiterated that Italy intends to allocate a significant portion of the climate fund to the African continent. “Not for charity but to put it (Africa, ed.) in a position to compete on an equal footing with other countries, rejecting predatory approaches,” added Meloni.


The meeting with Egyptian president al-Sisi

The strengthening of energy collaboration and interconnections between Egypt and Europe through Italy and the serious crisis underway in the Middle East: these are the central themes of the meeting between the Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni and the President of the Arab Republic of Egypt, Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, which took place today in Dubai, on the sidelines of the COP28 work. According to a note from Palazzo Chigi, the two leaders agreed on the continuation of urgent and coordinated diplomatic action aimed at containing the further expansion of the crisis in the Middle East and the related humanitarian consequences. Meloni thanked Sisi for his diplomatic and logistical collaboration in deploying Italian humanitarian aid for Gaza in the Egyptian port of al Arish and for the forthcoming arrival of the Vulcano ship with medical aid. Italy and Egypt agreed to continue working in a spirit of strengthened collaboration in order to achieve sustainable peace in Gaza.

The conversation with the Emirati president Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan

An updated exchange of views on the conflict in Gaza and on humanitarian aid to support the civilian population. These are some of the topics of the meeting between the Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni and the President of the United Arab Emirates, Mohammad bin Zayed Al Nahyan, on the sidelines of Cop28 in Dubai. The two leaders - as reported in a note from Palazzo Chigi - expressed great satisfaction with the excellent bilateral relations, also demonstrated by the progress of economic relations between the two Nations. Meloni - we read - congratulated the president on the organization and results of Cop28, sharing the investments made by Italy in the fight against climate change. The Prime Minister also expressed his best wishes to President Mohammed bin Zayed for the United Arab Emirates National Day. The possibilities for strengthening bilateral economic reactions were also explored.

The bilateral with his Japanese counterpart Kishida

The great impetus of the launch of the bilateral Strategic Partnership between Italy and Japan and the main issues on the agenda on the international scene, starting from the conflict in Gaza and the importance of ensuring humanitarian support for the civilian population, the war in Ukraine and the he need to preserve stability in the Indo-Pacific. These are the central themes of the meeting between the Prime Minister, Giorgia Meloni, and the Prime Minister of Japan, Fumio Kishida, which took place today in Dubai, on the sidelines of the COP28 work. This is what we read in the note from Palazzo Chigi, according to which the launch of the bilateral Strategic Partnership last January has given a further strengthening of bilateral collaboration in all sectors, from political cooperation to economic-industrial, scientific and cultural cooperation .

Meloni and Kishida reiterated the strategic value of the Gcap aeronautical program and cooperation in the security and defense sector, and expressed strong appreciation for the collaboration established within the G7, also in view of the handover from the Japanese presidency to the Italian presidency in 2024. The two leaders also shared the importance of the COP28 outcomes for the fight against climate change and the strengthening of the global path towards the ecological transition, highlighting the substantial commitments undertaken by their respective governments on this front.


One hundred million euros from Italy for the "Loss and Damage Fund", adopted by COP28 countries to help the poorest and developing nations cope with climate change, and the commitment to guarantee healthy food for everyone. These were the central points of the Prime Minister's interventions in the first ROUND of COP28, even if the dominant theme of the Prime Minister's bilateral meetings on the sidelines of the works was the Gaza crisis. In his speeches at COP28, Meloni reiterates that the Italian food system is among the most advanced in the world and that our country can ensure a valuable contribution to achieving the objectives. “This means that we don't want to consider food production as survival, but a means to live a healthy life,” adds Meloni. In this context, the role of research becomes essential, but "not to produce food in the laboratory". The Prime Minister then expresses her rejection of a "world in which the rich eat natural products and the poor eat synthetic products which have an impact on health that we cannot predict: this is not a world I want to see". Meloni's appeal to Dubai is echoed in Rome by the President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella, enacting the bill prohibiting the production and marketing of cultured meat.

DECEMBER 1: World Heads of State pose for a group photo at Al Wasl during the UN Climate Change Conference COP28 at Expo City Dubai on December 1, 2023, in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. (Photo by COP28 / Mahmoud Khaled)

Food security therefore remains a priority of Italian foreign policy, but there are numerous challenges to face, first and foremost the "adaptation gap". “Inadequate responses not only amplify the impacts of climate change, but also increase tensions over resource scarcity and hinder progress towards sustainable development,” adds the Prime Minister. For a real change of pace, however, everyone needs to do their part, including the multilateral development banks, whose role is central. “We cannot hide the fact that they need to be reformed and adapted to today's context,” says Meloni.

Also present is the issue relating to the Gaza crisis, the central theme of Meloni's bilateral negotiations, which, to the President of the State of Israel, Isaac Herzog, expresses the full solidarity of the Italian government following the new serious attack claimed by Hamas, which yesterday led to the killing of three Israeli citizens in Jerusalem and the end of the humanitarian pause in Gaza. “Italy stands alongside the Israeli people in this difficult moment and continues to work for lasting peace,” reads the note released by Palazzo Chigi. The hope for a new peace in Gaza also marks Meloni's meeting with the Turkish president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan. The prime minister, in fact, underlines Turkey's role in avoiding spreading the conflict to the rest of the region and reaffirms the desire to contribute to security and stability in this difficult phase of the region and the importance of starting to work now for a political solution.

A total of 123 countries have endorsed the UAE COP28 Declaration on Climate and Health, which aims to increase cross-sector collaboration, reduce emissions and increase financing for climate health. This was announced by the president of Cop28, Sultan Al Jaber, during his speech in Dubai. The presidency of the United Nations Conference on Climate Change, currently taking place at Expo City in Dubai, has confirmed that for the first time in the history of COP the emphasis is on the theme of health. Among the points that will be addressed today by global leaders, in fact, are the financing priorities for climate health.

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