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Tension in the Chamber over Cospito. Donzelli: "I don't apologize". Fontana says yes to the jury of honor

"A special commission that will be responsible for verifying what happened and the validity of the statements made during the session", announced the Speaker of the Chamber, Lorenzo Fontana

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It should have been a normal day's work, in the Chamber of Deputies, with the approval of the unified text of the bills on the establishment of a parliamentary commission of inquiry into the phenomenon of the mafias and other criminal associations, including foreign ones. To provoke tensions and controversies was, in the morning, the deputy of the Brothers of Italy, John Donzelli"Alfred Cospito, on January 12, 2023, in the Sassari district house, he spoke to Francesco Di Maio, of the Casalesi clan. On the same day, January 12, 2023, still in the district house of Sassari, Cospito also met the parliamentarians Serracchiani, Verini, Lai and Orlando, who went to encourage him in the battle. Is this left on the side of the state or of the terrorists and the mafia?”, the words spoken by the exponent of Fd'I. Statements that have provoked the reaction of the opposition, in particular of the Democratic Party, given that the four parliamentarians mentioned by Donzelli belong precisely to the Democratic Party. “Those in this House who think they can divide us into good and bad on such delicate issues are wrong. I think it was a serious mistake to intervene this morning with words that should have been absolutely avoided because the image of politics on issues, such as that of the mafia, must be safeguarded, in the interest of the country. Donzelli should be ashamed”, observed the group leader of the Democratic Party in Montecitorio, Debora Serracchiani. “I didn't have a wrong attitude in the Chamber, I don't have to apologize for anything. I will gladly go to the jury of honor to ask the Democratic Party to clarify her words. The Italians want to know which side the Democratic Party is on,” Donzelli replied.

And the suspension of work, which resumed in the afternoon, at the end of the group leaders' conference, did not help much. In the afternoon session, in fact, there was a barrage of personal interventions by representatives of the Democratic Party, and others, who raised remarks on Donzelli's role as vice-president of the Parliamentary Committee for the security of the Republic (Copasir). “We would like to have two clarifications. Colleague Donzelli expressly cited documents filed with the Ministry of Justice on 28 December 2022 and cited talks that took place in the Sassari prison between prisoners subject to the 41 bis on 12 January 2023. Also on the basis of Donzelli's role, as vice president of Copasir, we are asking Donzelli to officially tell us how he managed to get these documents, in what capacity he had them, doing a great service to the prisoner Cospito because it made him automatically and publicly become the link between the anarchists and the mafia " , reported the deputy of the Democratic Party, Frederick Fornaro. “It's not possible that I got that information from Copasir, simply because for the documents that can be consulted, outside the sessions, there is a special register and you go to sign in order to consult them. And the undersigned, at the moment, has never consulted any document in the Copasir archive”, replied Donzelli.

The president of the Chamber thought about lightening the climate, Lorenzo Fontana, announcing the go-ahead precisely to the jury of honour. “A special commission that will be responsible for verifying what happened and the validity of the statements made during the session. I believe that the activation of this tool could undoubtedly lead to a solution to the matter, and for this reason I invite all the parliamentary groups, on the basis of the relevance of the issues we have to deal with in the Chamber, to want to resume an orderly examination of measures regarding to which I do not think there is any divergence of views", underlined the third office of the state in his speech in the Chamber. Hence the resumption of work which led to the unanimous approval of the provision with 288 yes, no votes against and a abstained. The text is now being examined by the Senate.

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