Case Cospito, Meloni: "There is no need for the resignations of Delmastro and Donzelli"

The head of the Penitentiary Administration Department, Giovanni Russo, was heard in recent days as a person informed of the facts

I don't think "there is a need for the resignations" of the exponents of the Brothers of Italy, John Donzelli ed Andrea Delmastro, following the story of Alfred Cospito. This was stated by the Prime Minister, Giorgia Meloni, speaking during a press point in Milan. The prosecution, on the matter, "does its job and we will see what it will tell us", added the president, recalling that "the ministry said that those documents were not covered by secrecy: I have no reason to say that what is published in the press cannot be used in Parliament". It seems to me that the sensitive information used in the parliamentary debate in the Chamber on the Alfredo Cospito affair "were already in the newspapers and were not covered by secrecy" continued the premier.

The head of the Dap Giovanni Russo he was heard in recent days, as a person informed of the facts, by the magistrates of the Rome prosecutor's office in the context of the investigation launched after a complaint presented on the information disclosed by the vice president of Copasir during his speech to the Chamber. During the preliminary investigation, the former head of the Mobile Operational Group (GOM) of the penitentiary police was also heard in the same capacity, Mauro D'Amico in addition to the current director, Augustus Zaccariello.

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