Spain, Capital Energy presents offshore wind projects for over 5 Gw

The investment would amount to around 8 billion euros

Company Capital Energy will submit an offer for over 2 gigawatts (Gw) of offshore wind capacity in Spanish waters, the commissioning of which would require investments of around 8 billion euros.

According to reports from the Spanish newspaper "Cinco Dias", the energy company in recent weeks has submitted to the regulator five projects, for a total of 1,7 Gw, in addition to the other two in the Canary Islands, which add another 305 Mw. Of these initiatives for renewables, two have a unitary capacity of 510 MW and are located in Galicia, off the coasts of Breogán (La Coruna) and Volanteiro (Pontevedra).

A third project, called L'Empordá, is located in Girona and will generate 510 Mw. Capital Energy's list of proposals is completed with another four in the waters off the Canary Islands. These are Maresía, in Gran Canaria, with 255 Mw, as well as Granadilla (50 Mw) and Mencey (150 Mw), both in Tenerife. In the archipelago, the Timanfaya complex in Lanzarote is also expected to produce 50 Mw.

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