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Biden sees Zelensky in the White House and announces a new $325 million aid package for Ukraine

The US president has announced that the first batch of US Abrams tanks will be delivered to Kiev next week


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The president of the United States Joe Biden he promised his Ukrainian counterpart yesterday, Volodymyr Zelensky, further military aid for a total amount of 325 million dollars. Biden made the commitment during the meeting with Zelensky in the Oval Office of the White House, during which the Ukrainian president expressed gratitude for the help provided so far by the United States "to defend Ukrainian children, our families, our homes, freedom and democracy around the world."

The United States National Security Advisor, Jake sullivan, explained that the new military aid package will serve above all to strengthen the air defenses of visiting Ukraine “in what promises to be a difficult winter, characterized by renewed Russian attacks against Ukraine's critical infrastructure to try to deprive innocent people of necessities such as heating and electricity.” The Defense Department said the aid will also include new munitions for Himars multiple rocket launcher systems and anti-drone defense systems. At the end of yesterday's meeting Biden announced that the first batch of US Abrams tanks will be delivered to Ukraine next week.

Biden he said he was “counting” on the common sense of Congress to approve the new aid. “Ukraine and the United States are true allies,” he replied Zelenskiy, claiming that he visited Washington to “strengthen our coalition to defend the Ukrainian people, and freedom and democracy around the world.” “I want to thank the authorities and the American people for the crucial assistance they are providing us to fight Russian terrorists,” continued the Ukrainian president who then thanked “the people and society of Poland for the support” they have provided to Kiev in the framework of the war with Russia”.

Biden agreed with Zelensky that Russia represents “the only obstacle” to peace. “Vladimir Putin thought he was breaking the Ukrainian spirit, but he underestimated you: he thought he was destroying the alliance of Western countries and NATO, that we would not support Kiev, but he is wrong,” he said, adding that “no one should feel free to take the territory of another state by force." Together with our allies, he said, we will continue “to assist Ukraine to regain its independence and territorial integrity.” The abduction of “thousands of Ukrainian children” by Russian forces represents “a criminal act,” he continued Biden. “We will continue to provide humanitarian aid to Kiev, to support those suffering from Russian aggression: we want a just and lasting peace,” he said, adding that Moscow wants to use the winter to strike again at the Ukrainian people, attacking civilian infrastructure .

A group of nearly 30 Republican lawmakers wrote a letter to the White House to challenge the approval of new aid to Kiev. In the document, obtained by the Wall Street Journal, the group contested the request made by the White House to have Congress approve another $24 billion for new military, economic and humanitarian aid to Ukraine.

In the letter, the lawmakers say they are "concerned" that the administration has already approved $100 billion in aid to Ukraine, saying the government has made an "indefinite commitment" to Kiev, but without have “a clear strategy”.

The document, addressed to the director of the White House budget office, Shalanda Young, was signed by 23 representatives and six Republican senators, led by Senator JD Vance and Representative Chip Roy.

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