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Flooding in via Gianicolense in Rome, damage identified: schools remained open – video

Technicians worked all night to stem the flooding, but changes to the routes of four bus lines remain


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A huge loss of water yesterday led to the flooding of the Circonvallazione Gianicolense and consequently a drop in the pressure of the water supply in the San Camillo-Gianicolense quadrant, with consequent lack of water in homes. The damage to a water pipe occurred around 18pm and shortly afterwards Acea intervened on site with technicians to identify the origin of the leak but also with several tankers to supply water to the population of the area.

The technicians worked all night to stem the flooding and this morning the schools will all reopen as normal. There remain changes to the routes of four bus lines (H, 8, 791 and 792) which for the moment continue to be diverted onto Via Ramazzini. “Thanks go to the Acea technicians for having reduced the inconvenience to a minimum, as already this morning almost all citizens have regular water in their homes,” explains the president of the Municipality of Rome XII, Elio Tomassetti.

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© Agenzia Nova - Reproduction reserved


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