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Administrative in Veneto: Treviso in the center-right, center-left ahead of Vicenza

In Vicenza there will be a ballot between Giacomo Possamai and Francesco Rucco

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In Veneto two provincial capitals and eight Municipalities with over 14 inhabitants went to vote on 15 and 15 May for the administrative elections. As for the provincial capitals, only one of the challenges ended in the first round, namely the Treviso round, where the outgoing mayor was re-elected Mario Conte with 64,7 percent of the votes, supported by his civic list Mario Conte mayor (30,2 percent), the League (17,2 percent), the Brothers of Italy (11,2 percent) and Forza Italy (5,3 percent). Conte beat the centre-left challenger Giorgio De Nardi, who stopped at 28,27 percent, with the support of the Democratic Party (13,97 percent), Treviso civic (6,86 percent), De Nardi mayor ( 4,1 percent), Civic Coalition for Treviso (1,5 percent), Green Europe (1,5 percent) and Volt (0,7 percent). Different fate for Vicenza, where everything is postponed to the ballot scheduled for the next 28 and 29 May. Competing for the place as mayor will be Giacomo Possamai, who in this round reached 46,23 per cent thanks to the support of the Democratic Party (14,66 per cent), the Possamai mayor list (13,10 per cent), Da now on-Vinova (6,13 per cent), Green Europe-Italian Left-Civic Coalition (5,3 per cent), Action - Italia viva (3,5 per cent), List Tosetto let's start again from Vicenza (3,4 per cent percent). The centre-left candidate beat the outgoing mayor Francesco Rucco by more than two points, who in this first round had the worst with 44 percent of the votes, with the lists Rucco Mayor (24 percent), Fratelli d'Italia Giorgia Meloni ( 10 percent), Lega Salvini (6,4 percent), Forza Italia (3,4 percent).

As for the eight Municipalities with over 15 inhabitants in the province of Venice, in San Donà di Piave, a bulwark of the centre-left in the last ten years, it was Alberto Toso who won with 63,14 per cent, supported by the centre-right coalition made up of Brothers of Italy (29,4 per cent), Salvini League (11,8 percent), the United list for San Donà (11,6 percent), Si'Amo San Donà-Coraggio Italia-Forza Italia (7,7 percent) and Together We Can (3 percent). The centre-left candidate Francesca Zottis, stopped far below at 33,2 per cent. Zottis was supported in this race by the Democratic Party (18,3 percent), Cities together (4,8 per cent), Città delle persone (4,2 per cent), Fare civico (3,4 per cent) and Alleanza Verdi Sinistra (1,6 per cent). In Martellago it was always the center-right with the reconfirmed Andrea Saccarola, who reached 53,2 percent thanks to the support of the Mayor Saccarola List (20,5 percent), Brothers of Italy (14,2 percent) , Lega (12 percent), Forza Italia (2,6 percent), Environment and territory (2,3 percent) and #18 younger generation in common (1,9 percent). To give way was the center-left candidate Alessio Boscolo, firm at 46,75 percent, supported by various civic lists and by Civic Duty-Democratic Party (15,6 percent). In the province of Rovigo, Adria also voted to elect the mayor: the victory went to Massimo Barbujani, candidate with his own list, supported by the Lega (4,5 per cent), by the Adria shipyard (4,3 per cent) and by Forza Italia (2 per cent). Nothing to do for candidate Barbierato Omar, who remained with 25,2 percent of the preferences. The candidate was supported by several civic lists. Far behind the candidate of the Democratic Party, Cavallari Lambert, stuck at 18,8 percent, of which 10,5 obtained thanks to the Democrats.

In the province of Padua, instead, Piove di Sacco voted, with the election of mayor Lucia Pizzo, who until the last legislation was deputy to the center-left mayor, who reached 56,32 percent thanks to the coalition made up of Piove civic (28,9 per cent), Piove democratic (19,8 per cent) and List per Court (7,2 per cent). Pizzo got the better of the center-right candidate Mazzetto Paolo (43,6 percent), supported by Salvini (18,8 percent), Fratelli d'Italia (17,2 percent), Unione di Centro-Coraggio Italia-Forza Italy (7,9 percent). In the province of Treviso, as well as in the capital, there was also a vote in Vedelago, where everything is postponed to the next round between the two centre-right candidates. In two weeks, voters will be asked to choose between Marco Perin (45 percent) supported by the lists Marco Perin Mayor (31,3 percent), Cristina Andretta I Love Vedelago (8,8 percent) and I Care Vedelago (4,5. 44,4 percent). To challenge him will be Giuseppe Romano (19,1 percent) supported by Salvini (13,4 percent), Fratelli d'Italia (7,3 percent), List Denisse Braccio (4,4 percent) and Futuro in Movimento ( XNUMX percent). Democratic Party candidate Morao Fiorenza it stopped at 8,1 percent of the preferences with 8,4 percent for the party.

Finally, there are three other important municipalities where people went to the polls in the province of Verona: a new ballot will await the citizens of Sona where the candidates Busatta Corrado (37,1 per cent), supported by the coalition made up of (14,7 percent), Sona Domani (14,2 percent) and Fratelli d'Italia (9,7 percent), in two weeks he will return to the vote against the challenger Dalla Valentina Gianfranco (26,8 percent) supported by Vivemo Sona (11,5 percent), Lega -Forza Italia (9,9 percent) and Insieme per Sona (6,3 percent). In Bussolengo and Villafranca, on the other hand, the mayor was chosen in the first electoral round: Brizzi Roberto is the mayor of Bussolengo, elected with 61 percent of the votes. The mayor was supported by Siamo Bussolengo-Bussolengo Domani (20,7 percent), Lista Brizzi (18,6 percent, Alleanza per Bussolengo (13,1 percent) and Bussolengo al Centro (9 percent). Boscaini Maria Paola, supported by the civic lists and Forza Italia (7,9 percent), stopped at 25,1 percent. The League, which ran alone in this Municipality to support Finetto Silvana, stopped at 7,2 percent. The same fate also happened in the municipality of Villafranca, where the weekend vote reconfirmed the leadership of the centre-right with the reconfirmation of outgoing mayor Roberto Dall'Oca (56,8 per cent), supported by the coalition made up of the Brothers of Italy (19,7 per cent), Lega (13,1 per cent), Together we can (12,2 per cent), Forza Italia (10 per cent) and Futura (3,8 per cent). Beaten Do it Mario, with 22 percent of the preferences supported by various civic lists.

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