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Venice: discovered two thousand irregular workers in shipbuilding

The outcome of the activity of the Guardia di Finanza of Venice directed by the Public Prosecutor of Venice with the collaboration of the local Territorial Labor Inspectorate

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The Guardia di Finanza of Venice has identified two thousand irregular workers in the shipbuilding industry. This is the outcome of the activity directed by the Public Prosecutor's Office of Venice with the collaboration of the local Labor Inspectorate born with the aim of "unveiling the existence of systematic practices of exploitation of the workforce within the Venetian shipyards" . It emerged that these people, especially Bengalis and Eastern Europeans, were paid with irregular wages and often deprived of the most basic rights enshrined in collective agreements.

"The careful examination of the aforementioned pay slips and their comparison with the investigative findings collected - as the note explains - would have made it possible to highlight how numerous employees of the companies outsourcing the works would have been remunerated with a global hourly wage lower than that envisaged by the contracts national category or without receiving other benefits formally reported in the pay slip or, again, through "out of envelope" donations. All this would have made it possible to detect the position of 1.951 irregular workers, who would have received a total income flow of 6 million euros not subject to taxation or contributions".

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