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Ukraine, Kherson authorities: "Over 2.500 people have been evacuated so far from flooded areas" - video

Some volunteers are roaming the streets of the city to rescue those trapped in the flood

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According to the Interior Ministry of Ukraine, 2.588 people have so far been evacuated from the flooded territories in the Kherson region. The head of the regional administration, Oleksandr Prokudin, reported that the meteorological service forecasts rain, and therefore the retreat of the waters will be somewhat slowed down. At the moment, the average water level is 4 meters 72 centimeters above normal. As Prokudin explained, “thirty-five population centers were flooded on the right bank,” the one controlled by Ukrainian troops. "Since the partial collapse of the Nova Kakhovka dam, the water level has dropped by 6 meters and 25 centimeters," the Ukrainian official added. Some volunteers are roaming the streets of the city to rescue people trapped by the flood.

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© Agenzia Nova - Reproduction reserved


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