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Ukraine: US Abrams tanks are not suitable for use in mud

The biweekly US magazine "Forbes" writes this, recalling that the Abrams are powered by a powerful 1.500 horsepower gas turbine, protected by large filters that require constant cleaning and maintenance

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The M-1 tanks Abrams Books supplied to Ukraine by United States they have a big problem that makes them unsuitable for the battlefield of Eastern Europe, especially in view of the long winter and spring months: the vehicles would not be able to operate adequately in the mud, not so much because of their high weight (about 68 tons), but delicate filters that prevent the engine from "ingesting" debris and impurities. The biweekly American magazine "Forbes" writes it, recalling that the Abrams Books they are powered by a powerful 1.500 horsepower gas turbine, protected by large filters that require constant cleaning and maintenance. As the weekly magazine recalls, the problem of engine maintenance, and more generally the complexity of the logistics connected to the Abrams compared to European-made tanks, had already been raised by Pentagon, which last year hesitated before authorizing the supply of these armored vehicles to Ukraine for use against the invading Russian army.

The filters of Abrams Books they must be cleaned by the crew every 12 hours: otherwise, the engine – and potentially the transmission – risk suffering serious damage which could only be repaired after disassembly in specialized facilities, which are located in Poland. Cleaning the filters is a rather complex procedure to be carried out twice a day, which consists in activating a system to expel the air from the turbine instead of sucking it in, thus "blowing" dirt and debris from the filters positioned at the rear of the vehicle. Another problem with the Abrams is consumption: a Abrams Books it travels just 9.5 kilometers per gallon (about 3,7 liters), which in truth represents a rather high level of efficiency for the type of engine in question.

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