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The Islamic Resistance in Iraq claims responsibility for the attack against the US base in Koniko, in eastern Syria

Since last October 17, US authorities have recorded a total of 55 attacks against US troops stationed in Iraq and Syria


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The Islamic Resistance in Iraq, a coalition of pro-Iranian Shiite militias, yesterday claimed responsibility for an attack against the US military base in the Koniko oil field, in the Deir ez Zor countryside, in eastern Syria. We learn this from a press release issued by the Islamic Resistance in Iraq. “In response to crimes committed by the enemy (Israel, ed.) against our people in Gaza, our fighters struck the US occupation base in the Koniko oil field with a volley of missiles that directly hit the target,” the statement read.

Since October 17, US authorities have recorded a total of 55 attacks against US troops stationed in Iraq and Syria. Pentagon deputy spokeswoman Sabrina Singh also stated during a press briefing that "to date, 59 soldiers have been slightly injured following these attacks: they have all returned to duty."

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