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Syria: here are the four priorities to accelerate the reconstruction of the country

Iranian-American political expert Majid Rafizadeh stresses 'importance of reintroducing basic economic reforms'


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La Syria faces significant challenges as it seeks to rebuild its socioeconomic fabric after years of civil war, insecurity and instability. According to the Iranian-American political expert, Majid Rafizadeh, progress has been slow, but the Syrian government can focus on four key issues to aid the recovery process. In an article on "Arab news", Rafizadeh underlines the importance of reintroducing basic economic reforms. In the 90s and 2000s, Syria experienced a period of remarkable financial growth thanks to privatization and modernization policies. However, modernization must be accompanied by the fight against financial corruption to ensure a fair distribution of benefits. The inflation rate in Syria has reached alarming levels, even surpassing struggling countries such as the Democratic Republic of Congo and Angola. Rafizadeh suggests that the government needs to focus on attracting foreign investment by improving bilateral and multilateral ties with other nations. This move could have a significant impact on the stabilization of the Syrian currency. To strengthen its legitimacy, the Syrian government should adopt a long-term vision with social, civil, political and security reforms that encourage inclusion.

In the article, Rafizadeh highlights the need to hold accountable government and non-government agencies that have violated the rule of law, as required by the International Court of Justice. The Syrian government must work with other nations to address the threat of drug trafficking, which could undermine the country's social and economic stability. Rafizadeh suggests international cooperation to dismantle groups involved in the production and smuggling of illegal drugs, providing economic benefits and greater exchange with neighboring countries. After years of civil war, Syria urgently needs foreign financial assistance for reconstruction. Rafizadeh estimates that the cost could reach almost $1,2 trillion. Mobilizing international support would not only help repair damaged infrastructure, but also improve living standards, create jobs and address widespread poverty. In conclusion, the path to economic recovery in Syria requires significant commitment on multiple fronts. The Syrian government must address internal challenges by promoting economic and political reforms, countering drug trafficking and mobilizing global support for reconstruction. Only with a holistic and cooperative approach can Syria hope for a more stable and prosperous future.

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