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The Manhattan grand jury will return to the Trump case on Monday

The investigation is carried out by the district attorney Alvin Bragg and is focused on the 130 dollars that would have been paid in 2016 to the porn star Stormy Daniels, because she kept silent about a relationship she had ten years earlier with the former president

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The Manhattan grand jury called to rule on the possible indictment of the former US president Donald Trump he will not return to the case before Monday 27 March. The "New York Times" reports it, citing two sources familiar with the dossier.

The investigation is carried out by the district attorney Alvin Bragg and is focused on the 130 thousand dollars that would have been paid in 2016 to the porn star Stephanie Clifford, known by the stage name of Stormy Daniels, because she kept silent on a ten-year relationship first with Trump, whose attorney at the time, Michael Cohen, admitted handling the transaction himself. The money, the indictment claims, would later be recorded as "legal expenses" for the Trump Organization. Bragg, elected in 2021 with the Democratic Party, has not publicly provided details of the investigation. According to speculation in the national press, the prosecutor could accuse Trump not only of false accounting, but also of political crimes: in 2016, in fact, the election campaign for the White House was in full swing, which saw Trump oppose the Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton. Attention on the case grew enormously after Trump himself announced on Saturday, March 18, that he would be arrested the following Tuesday, March 21, urging his supporters to vigorously protest against an investigation called "a witch hunt". In any case, Bragg will decide whether to ask the grand jury to vote on the indictment of the former president. If it were to happen, Trump's arrest would be the first arrest of a former president in US history.

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