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Spain: two intelligence agents arrested for having filtered secret information to the USA

According to sources consulted by "El Pais", one of the agents is already in prison, while the other has been released on charges


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Two agents of the National Intelligence Center (Cni) Spanish have been arrested in recent weeks for an alleged crime of stealing information classified as secret from the United States. As reported by the newspaper "El Pais", the Minister of Defense, Margarita Robles, confirmed the opening of proceedings by the Court of Madrid. The minister, on a visit to the Adazi base in Latvia, where she went to visit the Spanish troops, however did not want to provide further details, maintaining that the case has been declared secret.

According to the sources consulted by "El Pais", one of the officers is reportedly already in prison, while the other has been released on charges. They were middle managers of the secret services and the theft of the documentation was discovered during one of the security checks that are periodically carried out on the centre's staff. Article 584 of the penal code punishes any Spaniard who, "with the aim of favoring a foreign power, an association or an international organisation, obtains, falsifies, deactivates or discloses information classified as confidential or secret, likely to harm national security or defence".

“What makes the current case unique is that the foreign country for which the detained agents were allegedly working was not a hostile power, but an allied country, the United States, with which the CNI works closely and with which there is a very fluid exchange of information", highlights "El Pais".

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