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Senator Bruno Astorre dead, an investigation has been opened for instigation to suicide

The Prosecutor on duty should carry out an inspection of Palazzo Cenci

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The senator and secretary of the Lazio Democratic Party has died, Bruno Astorre. According to an initial reconstruction of him he would have committed suicide by jumping from the window of his office in the Senate. The tragedy occurred in the late morning. The Rome prosecutor's office has opened a file. The procedure, as usually happens in these cases, is classified as instigation to suicide. According to what has been learned, the Public Prosecutor on duty should carry out an inspection at Palazzo Cenci and after an analysis by the coroner, the Public Prosecutor's Office will evaluate whether to order an autopsy.

The 118 doctors immediately intervened on the spot with an ambulance and a medical car, the forces of order and the fire brigade. Bruno Astorre, senator and secretary of the Lazio Democratic Party, he would have turned 60 in a few days, on March 11. Astorre had recently been discharged from hospital, where he had been admitted for some health problems. The hypothesis of suicide, at the moment, seems to be the most accredited one. The door of the building is closed. The general secretary of Palazzo Madama entered, accompanied by the head of the State Police inspectorate at the Senate.

According to what has been learned, the president of the Senate, Ignazio La Russa, spoke with the magistrate. La Russa has made Palazzo Madama available for all the needs of the case to guarantee "maximum collaboration". La Russa also heard by telephone the leader of the Democratic Party in the Senate, Simon Malpezzi, to whom he expressed his condolences.

The condolences

The flags of Palazzo Cenci, Palazzo Giustiniani and also at Palazzo Madama were lowered at half-mast. Meanwhile, several colleagues and members of the Democratic Party, including senators, deputies and local administrators, met in Palazzo Cenci. Gathered in small groups, some talk, hug each other hiding the tears, others exchange disconsolate looks. Among them, Senators Beatrice Lorenzin, Walter Verini, Andrea Casu and Cecilia D'Elia. Also present were deputies Michela Di Biase and Marco Furfaro. Finally, among the institutional figures also appear the president of the Capitoline Assembly, Svetlana Celli the deputy mayor of the metropolitan city of Rome, Pierluigi Sanna and Lorenza Bonaccorsi, president of the Municipality of Rome I. The deputy Nicola Zingaretti has also been seen, visibly proven.

The Prime Minister, Giorgia Meloni, expressed his condolences. “I am deeply disturbed by the news of the passing of Bruno Astorre, senator and secretary of the PD in Lazio. A passionate and loyal adversary, a decent person. On behalf of myself and of the Government, I embrace the pain of his wife, family and his political community".

The death of Bruno Astorre leaves you speechless. Thus in a note the Pd group in the Campidoglio. “A generous, intelligent, capable person, his disappearance leaves a great void. The democratic family and the council group of the Democratic Party in the Capitol huddle around his wife and his loved ones ".

“We are shocked and deeply saddened by the tragic news of the death of Senator Bruno Astorre. The whole democratic community gathers around his wife and his family, friends and all his colleagues ”declares the secretary of the Democratic Party in a note, Elly Schlein.

“I remain astonished at the tragic news of Bruno Astorre's death. I can't find words in the face of such a drama. There is silence. There is prayer. I embrace you to your loved ones”. The deputy and former secretary of the Democratic Party writes it on Twitter, Enrico Letta.

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