Russian general Surovikin: "The situation in Kherson is tense, we do not rule out difficult decisions"

"The army will ensure the safe evacuation of civilians. Our further plans and actions in relation to the city of Kherson will depend on the emergence of the military-tactical situation."

The situation at the front is “tense” and “difficult decisions cannot be ruled out. This was stated by the commander of the Russian forces engaged in the special operation in Ukraine, Sergey Surovikin, in an interview with the broadcaster “Rossija 24”, confirming that civilians from the Kherson region will be "evacuated" from the city. “The enemy continues to attack the positions of the Russian forces. Further actions a kherson they will depend on the tactical and military developments of the situation, which is not easy. Difficult decisions cannot be ruled out, ”said the general. “In general, the situation in the area where the special military operation is underway can be described as tense. The enemy did not put aside attempts to attack the positions of the Russian troops. In particular I am referring to Kupyansk, Krasnolimansk and Nikolaev-Kryvyi Rih, ”said Surovikin. “The enemy is a criminal regime that pushes Ukrainian citizens to death. The Ukrainians and I are a people and we want one thing: that Ukraine is independent from the West and NATO, and that it be a friendly state of Russia ”, added the general. According to Surovikin, the Ukrainian army is trying to break through the Russian defenses. “To achieve this, the Ukrainian armed forces are bringing all available reservists to the forefront. Basically, these are territorial defense forces that have not completed a training course. In this way the Ukrainian leadership condemns them to death ", said the Russian general, according to whom" these units have low morale ".

“The enemy is targeting Kherson's infrastructure and residential buildings on purpose. Attacks conducted with the Himars missile system they damaged the Antonovsky bridge and the dam of the Nova Kachovka hydroelectric power plant. As a result, the delivery of food is difficult in the city there are some problems with the supply of water and electricity, ”said Surovikin. All this not only significantly complicates the lives of citizens, but also creates a direct threat to their lives, the general noted. "The NATO leadership of the Ukrainian armed forces has long requested to conduct offensive operations in the direction of Kherson, regardless of possible casualties, both in the Ukrainian armed forces and among the civilian population," said Surovikin. "We have information on the possibility of the Kiev regime using prohibited methods of warfare in the Kherson city area and on Kiev's preparation for a massive missile attack on the dam of the Nova Kachovka hydroelectric power plant and on the launch of a massive indiscriminate missile and artillery attack on the city. These actions can lead to the destruction of the infrastructure of a large industrial center and serious civilian losses, ”the general stressed.

According to Surovikin, in these conditions, the priority is to preserve the life and health of civilians. “Therefore, first of all, the army will ensure the already announced safe evacuation of the population as part of the redeployment program prepared by the Russian government. Our further plans and actions in relation to the city of Kherson itself will depend on the emergence of the military-tactical situation. I repeat: the situation is already very difficult today, ”said Surovikin. “In any case, as I have already said, we will proceed from the need to preserve the life of the civilian population and our military as much as possible. We will act consciously, in a timely manner, not excluding the adoption of difficult decisions ”, concluded the Russian general.

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