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Migrants, Pope Francis: "It is a duty to welcome those who knock on our doors"

"Migrating should be a free choice, never the only possible one"

Vatican City

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Pope Francis, at the end of the Angelus he recalled the World Day of Migrants and Refugees, which is celebrated today on the theme "free to choose whether to migrate or stay". “Migrating should be a free choice, never the only possible one”, underlined the Pontiff. “The right to migrate, in fact, has become an obligation for many today – added the Pope – while there should be a right not to migrate, to remain in one's own land. It is necessary that every man and every woman is guaranteed the opportunity to come and live a dignified life in the society in which he finds himself. Unfortunately poverty, war and climate crisis they force many people to flee, which is why we are all called to create communities ready and open to welcome, promote, accompany and integrate those who knock on our doors", he added.

The Holy Father, during the Sunday Angelus, commented on the parable of the "owner of a vineyard who goes out from the early hours of dawn until the evening to call some workers but, in the end, pays everyone the same, even those who have only worked for an hour". “It would seem like an injustice – says the Pontiff – but the parable should not be read through salary criteria; rather, he wants to show us the criteria of God, who does not calculate our merits, but he loves us as children." Bergoglio recalls that "God's justice does not measure love on the scale of our returns, our performances or our failures: God just loves us, he loves us because we are children, and he does it with an unconditional and free love". The Pope warns the faithful against having "a 'mercantile' relationship with God, focusing more on our skill than on the generosity of his grace."

“Sometimes even as a Church – adds the Pope – instead of going out at every hour of the day and opening our arms to everyone, we can feel like the first in the class, judging others as distant, without thinking that God also loves them with the same love that has for us. And even in our relationships, which are the fabric of society, the justice we practice sometimes fails to escape the cage of calculation and we limit ourselves to giving according to what we receive, without daring to do something more, without betting on the effectiveness of the good done freely and of love offered with generosity of heart”. Francis closes the Angelus with a question: “Let's ask ourselves: do I, as a Christian, know how to reach out to others? And am I generous towards everyone, I know how to give that 'extra' of understanding and forgiveness, as Jesus teaches me?”, concludes Bergoglio.

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