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Migrants, Piantedosi: "The Albania model can be replicated"

"The one with Tunisia is working"


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Minor migrants "will never be held in detention centers for repatriation". The agreement with Albania "has attracted the attention of other countries and can be replicated, in Europe and in Italy". The one with Tunis "is working". The Minister of the Interior Matteo Piantedosi, interviewed by the "Stampa" traces a line of the ongoing emergencies in our country. And regarding citizens' feeling of insecurity he states “it goes against the trend compared to the data we have. We are among the safest but Italians don't perceive it, this government respects this feeling and works to improve every aspect." The decrees of his government provide that there is the possibility of retaining minors in CPRs: there is a risk of facing new failures also in light of the ruling by the European Court of Human Rights: "International law - observes under this regarding the minister - provides that the minor must have different treatment. It is a fair and healthy principle, but the escalation of arrivals and the absence of dedicated structures sometimes lead to the impossibility of respecting these limits: we have foreseen that minors can also be detained in structures not strictly dedicated to them but for a limited period and that there is still respect for their age." The detention of minor migrants in the CPR is not envisaged, therefore: "Neither the Cutro decree nor any national legislation has provided for the possibility of detention for the purposes of expulsion or in any case as a form of deprivation of personal freedom of minors". However, the judges have already gone against the new regulations, applying international laws. The Apostolic Judge in Catania and the court of Florence applied this unquestionable principle: "The judges considered that these conditions of compliance with international law did not exist, we maintain exactly the opposite: we tried to apply in that context a law that provides for the detention of asylum seekers under certain conditions. Now the Court of Cassation will decide and I am very respectful of the function of Justice." Regarding the agreement with Tunisia, the minister recalls that "the police stopped more than 60 thousand departures".

But the migrants continue to arrive: “The situation is more complex. Italy has managed to establish a more holistic approach to immigration issues in Europe. That is, the economic-social side of the countries of origin and transit of migrants must be improved to contain regular immigration phenomena. Now the agreements must be expanded: not only with Tunisia, but also with Egypt, Ivory Coast and other strategic countries". On the agreement with Albania “the center will have multiple functions. The first one to disembark. And it will be structured as in Italy for the first treatments provided by healthcare personnel and for identification by the police forces. And then of retention and permanence. European legislation provides for up to 18 months, but obviously we will try not to go that far." Albania – continues the minister – is “three times closer to our coasts than Lampedusa. That area will be subject to Italian jurisdiction, it will be like an Italian island with our own rules and personnel." And perhaps it will not remain unique: “There is great interest from many countries, such as Germany. I would wait for the project to develop before showing distrust. It cannot be ruled out that we too, if it works, could replicate it. The goal is for there to be tangible proof of the project by the first half of 2024.” Security, however, is not an issue that only concerns immigration. Homicides have decreased, feminicides have not. Indeed: “We have implemented a regulatory intervention to intercept those who are violent first: feminicide is only the tragic peak of continuous mistreatment. The law can do a lot, but not everything”, concludes Piantedosi.

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